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Thread: Hot Toys Robocop

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    Hot Toys Robocop

    Our friends over at Sideshow have pix & prebook info on Hot Toys Die Cast Robocop & ED-209...both with sound. These look awesome; I want both!

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    Die cast to boot!!! I saw em and want em both... I AM disappointed that we don't get a maskless murphy head sculpt tho
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    I know...I smell a DX version coming down the line.

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    They've already announced another version with the Murphy head.
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    I'm fine with the Murphy head, but I'd like to be able to peel off the fleshy face, and see what Robocop looks underneath.

    Or is that too evil and sick?

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    They wouldn't do that - unless the whole face ends up being a removable 'plate'.. which is plausible.

    There's talk that this one might even be the RoboCop 2 version of Murphy.. hope not.
    "..don't call me a mindless philosopher - you overweight glob of grease!!"

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    I'm guessing that Murphy(weller) head version will also have an ultra battle-damaged body. I'd buy that for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

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    So Peter Weller finally authorized the use of his likeness? I hope this means NECA can finally do a 6" Robocop with removable helmet too.
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