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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Saga Legends and Rebels

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    was at a convention last weekend and saw someone charging $75.00 for the first Sabine figure from the Rebels line. made me both sad and angry that there are still people out there that do these huge markups on figures.
    Yeah, but don't you get two figures? ha.

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    Why, I thought nobody like that version? That's why the new one is so sought after.

    If that's the case, I should sell that figure off.
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    Finally bought Grand Admiral Thrawn on eBay. I figured I may as well just take the plunge. Been kinda jacked for the character since rewatching S3 on Blu-ray and reading the book.

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    On Wednesday, picked up Fenn Rau from eBay.

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    A Bossk/IG88 two pack arrived for me today.

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    Just got last 3 of animated resistance figures. Some reason I really like them.

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    Was there any vehicles made for the new resistance line? Thought there was 2, but not sure.

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    I found a single Hasbro Star Wars figure at Big Lots for $8. Sabine with removable helmet! Now I'm halfway to having my rebels crew.

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    Hope my local store gets some. I'm still missing a few.

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    I'm definitely going to hit a couple more stores this weekend, it's been awhile since I've had any luck at big lots. Makes me wonder if it's new or just been buried since it was the only figure I saw. Happy hunting!

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