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Thread: XJSN's (AKA Professor) Feedback Thread

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    XJSN's (AKA Professor) Feedback Thread

    Here you can enter feedback for trade or purchases with me. I am XJSN here but on every other forum I use I go by the Professor. Thank you.

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    I recently completed a trade with xjsn, everything went great. Fast shipping, great communication, and items were described perfectly. I look forward to doing more trades with him the future.

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    Want: 6 Imperial Shock Trooper, Walgreens Vader, Amazon & EE 4 Packs
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    Just completed my first deal with xjsn. Extremely fast [pre-]payment, good communication, and nice to deal with. Wouldn't hesitate to conduct future transactions. Thanks.

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    Just completed a trade with xjsn. Extremely fast trade and highly recommended. Would def trade with him again. Great scummer.

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    Completed a great trade with Sean. Super fast shipping and excellent communication throughout. Don't hesitate to deal with him. =)

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    Completed a trade with Sean. Very prompt with communication and shipping.
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    Bought a few coins from xjsn. Great experience, friendly, fast shipping and great communication.
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    Wants: 3.75" TFA Nien Nunb, Squad Leader Stormie
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    bought a pair of 4" MU figures, thanks !
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    Was clear to describe exactly what was being sent before sending it - for the sake of example, I was purchasing accessories - and communicated clearly throughout the whole process.
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    Great transaction completed, glad to help out with your wants list, fast payment on the completed deal, thanks a million!!!

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