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Thread: XJSN's (AKA Professor) Feedback Thread

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    another great transaction with sean. thanks a lot for your help!

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    Awesome, fast and flawless! my type of international trader for sure. Hope to deal with you again soon!

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    Finished a quick and easy deal with Sean and I wouldn't have any problem dealing with him again in the future!

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    Great transaction with XJSN, highly recommend and would definitely do business with again!

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    Completed a deal with XJSN for a loose figure. Paid quickly.
    We can do business again anytime, enjoy your R2!

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    I bought a couple of loose figures from XJSN for a great price and they were exquisitely packed for safe shipping. I would definitely do business with him again!
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    Just had a great droid trade with XJSN. Hope we can trade again sometime.


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    Another great transaction. Thanks again, Sean.

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    Bought a Tri-Droid off of XJSN and the transaction went perfectly.
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    Great transaction, would do business with again!

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