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Thread: Spaceport Playset

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    This has gotta be the coolest spot in all of explored space!

    I love every inch of this masterpiece and I know I will be scrutinizing the details for many, many days to come!

    I do indeed love the hodge-podge of sci-fi universe - especially, as you point out, the Ferengi selling Twi Ki, the black hole guy, the terminator, Ewan McGregor's Robots character, etc. etc.

    (years ago, in a photonovel, I couldn't resist the urge to sneak Morn into my bustling space bar)


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    I'm glad you guys dig it. I look at all the screen accurate dioramas folks post up with every niche and detail replicated precisely with original set design blueprints studied over and converted to the proper scale and I'm thinking I'll never have that kind of artistic discipline and patience, I'd be afraid to touch it after all that work invested in it. I slap a couple scraps of plywood together, paint it to look like a galactic K-Mart and have a Flash Gordon figure manning the register with Hammerhead playing janitor......actually that's not a bad idea, hmmm.

    I think a lot of it has to do with me growing up watching tons of sci fi "B" movies. Especially the ones where it's blatantly obvious they were ripping off or riding the coattails of Star Wars. I'm a huge fan of Roger Corman sci fi flicks. Check out Battle Beyond the Stars (Star Wars meets The Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven) and probably my all time childhood ripoff favorite (it's sort of a ripoff of a ripoff) is Space Raiders. I'm positive that it subconsciously played a big part in the design and feel of doing this playset. I finally found it on DVD but it's been out of a limited print for years now. I think I watched it 3 times the week I got it.

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    Probably one of the best dioramas I've ever seen! Awesome work!
    No Yuuzhan Vong in the Sequel Trilogy Please!

    The Doomsday Clock nears midnight on the Hasbro SW line...

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    Wangs and tacos... good fit.
    Blue Waffle... nice.
    Mels Diner... needs a Flo-bot I think. "Kiss my robo-grits!"

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    Wonderful, wonderful work. Your kids are really lucky!!!!
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

    I'd like to exercise my right to free speech, but I really don't have anything to say at the moment.

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    Here are the 2 shops I made so far with a 3rd in the works to sort of finish off the "shopping mall" area.
    I knew I wanted a hotdog type stand somewhere in the city and it eventually became a taco shack.

    The Men In Black 3 Mr. Wu figure made a perfect fit to be the owner of Wangs Tacos.

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    I had no intention of turning this into toy store but it turned out to be my favorite building. My kids went ape when they saw it.
    They were mad tho when they realized all the toys in the store are permanently attached.

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    Just frigging epic mate, im blown away, congrats again.

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    This is incredible! Hysterical and looks like loads of fun to play with. It definitely looks like a lived-in space that you'd find somewhere out on the fringes...

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    Holy s**t!! That is probably the coolest dio/playset I have ever seen! The details are awesome! Love the cylon!!

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