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Thread: Spaceport Playset

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    This Station diorama is beyond awesome. It’s like watching a Star Wars alternative movie in photos. Your custom figures and posing is amazing.

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    Lenny and Squiggy are awesome and I see some resemblances there. Wonderful customs!!!!!
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    NOOOOOOOOOO! What happened to the pics?

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    Pics are still working for me. Might be your browser.

    Empire, I just love how large and expansive this has become. And when you get down to the small details with the scenes you create, it just adds to the vastness of this little world.

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    Whew. I can see them again, same browser as before. Probably another glitch somewhere. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllianceEng View Post
    NOOOOOOOOOO! What happened to the pics?
    What happened to UPDATED pics?

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    I'm a surveyor and CAD designer by trade, and I soooo want to spend a week at your house measuring and mapping Rot Gut Station. I'd love to see a fully realized "You are here" map of the station, laying out the relations between all of the various locations we've become so familiar with, in all its crazy 3D glory. I've been back through this thread probably a dozen times, and I constantly find myself trying to determine what's around the corner in any given pic. The one I'm most stuck on, I think, is trying to figure out what the front window of the control rooms looks out onto.

    If any of you don't follow Empire Toy Works on facebook, you should. He even posted a video flyover of the station. I need to go back to that, I think.

    Love this so much.

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    This is one of my favorite threads of all time. There is so much creativity in here that is truly unique. You're an inspiration, sir. Working with wood for me started here.
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    I love your dio pieces and vehicle offerings! But what I wouldn’t give for some figure offerings. I would snap those up with instant clicks.
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    BUMP. Greatest thread on the site.
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