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Thread: French Meccano Imperial Shuttle

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    French Meccano Imperial Shuttle

    Hey; here's another quick limelight for today

    I've been looking for a boxed European Imperial Shuttle for YEARS, I've searched the web looking to buy one, and the only references I could find where the low-res pics available on the net - until I finally spotted one on the recent French Drouot auction house sale, but the box was severely damaged, so I passed...

    A few weeks ago I got in touch with a seller to purchase some vintage stuff, and I was lucky enough to learn he also had a vintage Imperial Shuttle mint in its European packaging.

    Again it was a nice discovery which still makes collecting quite fun

    First, sharps eyes will notice that the only different with the Kenner counterpart is that the Kenner logo has been airbrushed on the box front, and that copyright information has been updated on the side with the European licensees.

    This one looks to be different than the "regular" Palitoy release, which featured a white "made in UK / Fabriqué en Angleterre" coo printed on the box ; as mine features a printed "made in France / Fabriqué en France" coo

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    Fantastic find! I knew the shuttle was released in Europe, but did not know that the box was different. Thanks for sharing. Lot's of good finds so far this year!
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    Love the imperial Shuttle and its awesome to see new box variants!
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    Great stuff Dude. Where the heck are you managing to find all this rare European items. Keep up the good work.


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    I have to admire the effort you put into finding all those variants.


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    Hey great find. I just checked my childhood pics and I had that European box as well

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    Congrats on this great find and thanks for sharing. The made in France sticker makes it even cooler for you, I would love a made in Denmark, but those definitely do not exist.

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    Another amazing find Stephane! It's great to see that the shuttle got a wider release than most originally thought. It's always been a favorite vehicle of mine.
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    This is just too cool Stephane! I had no idea there was even a European version of the Shuttle, much less a Meccano release! Thank you for doing the research and sharing another excellent find!
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