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Thread: My Loose collection! 900 figures! Polish Bootlegs!

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    My Loose collection! 900 figures! Polish Bootlegs!

    Hi there,

    I was just digging through my loose figures and decided to again make some pictures! Hope you like it!

    Every figure you see has different coo, color or mold!

    Some notes:
    1. All pictures are made without flash!!!!
    2. All stuff shown is real. No repros here, besides: DT Vader, DT Ben, Polish black skirt, Uzay Snowtrooper skirt, TT Yoda snake and stick! Im working on these. If you can help please drop me a line!
    3. Uzay ATAT Driver has wrong weapon shown. Sorry I have the correct one, but made a mistake while making the pictures!
    4. Forgot to put the Csillagok Biker on the picture....grrrrr
    5. Some Dicolorations are also shown, mainly because I really like them: Green 4-Lom, Green boots RC, Yellow snake Yoda and of coures yellow caped Bib!
    6. New (not shown) entries: 4x Vader Cape, 2 x Vader saber, 2 x Ben (more to follow )


    1. ANH

    Jawa and Snaggle will follow

    2. ESB

    3. ROTJ + POTF

    whats missing now??? I lost overview...LOL

    4. Creatures and Beasts
    coming soon!

    5. Ships
    coming soon!

    6. Special Figures/Pictures

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    Freakin Awesome! Love it Kudos to you! Liam

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    :applause: THIS IS SURREAL MAN! :topsy_turvy: Thanks for sharing

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    You maniac, I'm still aiming for half your collection. I'll wait for all the pictures before I bombard your limelight with questions.

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    This is awesome. And no problems with sharing with us the pictures. Who's next, guys?

    WTB Polish:
    1st gen Zuckuss ATAT limbs | unart: red Zuckuss, red Commando, yellow Luke, brown Luke, yellow Veers, pink Chirpa

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    That Luke Farmboy is a classic. Looks like he has seen a ghost...or is one:glee:

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    When I saw 900 in the title and saw the pictures I couldn't help but think of this lol

    Seriously though, amazing collection Wolff, the bootlegs are a nice touch for the figure sets, those trems and the other bootlegs look pretty cool alongside licensed figures.

    That "Poch/PBP" or whatever it is Bossk with the green green limbs, was it really produced in that colour? It's almost fluorescent!
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    Great variations!
    What funny the r2 playmo

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    That is a killer group! It is amazing the various colors on the like pieces. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more!

    Slowly working on a loose set.


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