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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Can't Attend & Need Help Thread

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    Need help to obtain Malcolm Tween Print, Please pm if your willing to help..

    WANTED: Vintage DROIDS: C3-PO.
    Feedback Thread :

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    Add me to the list.
    If possible, interested in CEII ROTJ 30th t-shirt, patch and program/guide plus any promos/goodies.
    Willing to buy or trade. You can check out my Classified post for samples, but other I hold back for trade.
    If any questions, please contact me at PMs are full.
    Thank you.
    Looking for certain Celebration Europe and Japan items. Please PM me to discuss.
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    I'm looking for someone from the US going to the show, that could possibly pick up 3 T-Shirts for me. I'm interested in the DROIDS logo shirt and the vintage ROTJ lost art Imperials shirt. Both in size 2X. I also want the women's EWOKS T-shirt, but I don't know yet if I need a medium or large. If you are able to help out, please shoot me a PM.
    WANTS: Vintage Collection Target Snowspeeder box ONLY; vintage POTF last 17 accessories

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    I would be willing to help a few people out with stuff from the show store. I don't know how we would handle money though since they haven't posted prices yet...

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    Wow, that is awesome print. I would pay for one of these as well. Amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by DefSith View Post
    Need help to obtain Malcolm Tween Print, Please pm if your willing to help..

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    If anyone is willing to help, let me know. We can discuss everything via PM

    -Celebration Europe Lanyard

    -Star Wars Alphabet Woven Throw

    -Commemorative Badge Set

    -Celebration Europe Postcard Set x2

    -Boba Fett 6" Black Series w/ Han Solo in Carbonite (Hasbro Exclusive)


    -Chris Trevas (Execution Order)

    -Joe Corroney (The Slave Princess)

    -Jerry VanderStelt (Apology Accepted)

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    I too would love th Malcolm Tween ATAT print.

    This print is the best I have seen! Could someone please help me out obtaining one? I can pay via PayPal or whatever you prefer. Pm me if you can help.
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    If there are any of the Rebelscum badges with the Biker scout on them that are available blank like the ones that were customized for attendees, I could really use one (if not a few for my buddies) for my Biker Scout focus. Chris, I am in Lakeland and you in Tampa.....maybe you can help a man out.

    I would like to also get a hold of the soccer (football) patches that they will have. Please PM me if anyone can help with these things...and thank you in advance.
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    Ever heard of the Tip O' Texas....seriously, there

    Anyone looking to grab the pilsner/shot glasses? Or the beer stein?? I'm also hoping to get the DROIDS Boba Funko. If anyone can help a man out....PM me....thanks!! Sorry to miss this!
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    Anyone willing to purchase the box for the Star Tots I'd much appreciate it obviously willing to cover shipping as well

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