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Thread: Finished My Custom Built-In Cabinet - Updated 4/20/14 (PICS)

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    Finished My Custom Built-In Cabinet - Updated 4/20/14 (PICS)

    Custom built in cabinet with sliding glass doors - 2 same size sections. Both doors slide completely to each side, for total access to the shelves on each side. The cabinet part measures about 7 1/2 ft x 7 1/2 ft overall. Shelves are fully adjustable every 1/2".
    It's lit by (4) 26 LED bars with a switch on the side. The top is actually a shelf that measures about 93" wide x 15" deep, so I can also put things up there too, but they would be out of reach unless standing on a step ladder.

    Constructed it myself, except for cutting the glass. I had been planning it since last year and started actually working on it earlier this year, as time permitted.

    It replaced a curio cabinet that had become full, which i will use to hold my die-cast ships. Thx for looking.

    Disney salacious crumb keeps an eye on things for me.

    Pics of the build:

    2x10 Frame - Hard to work with, but it's the depth i want and i know it will hold any amount of glass weight i need it to.

    Sides skinned with 1/2 MDF and front faced with 1x pine that will give me a nice smooth paintable surface. My center 2x support is in and it feels nice and sturdy.

    Early testing of the LED lights - went with 4 bars total so the bottom did not end up too dark. More work, but worth it.

    Installing the shelf support brackets and wiring the power and side switch for the lights - added an extra outlet below the switch while i was at it.

    Glass going in, 1 side down, 1 to go. Took 4 weeks to get these large tempered pieces cut and polished from the glass guy.
    Frameless for max visibility, just a small track on the bottom with hidden steel rollers and a guide rail on top.
    For being large and heavy, the glass doors roll really well.

    The old cabinet - new one has some room for expansion.

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    Beautiful cabinet and cool you build it yourself. Great you posted pictures of the production process with all the tool too, now you just need to post some pictures of your collection, once you get the figures displayed in it.

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    This is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see your collection on display. Would you mind letting us know the cost of a project like this? I don't think I would have the skill but it would be interesting to know if I ever wanted to look into it in the future. Again great work!!

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    Thanks! The final cost was more than i expected and breaks down like this:
    635 glass doors and track ( this was half the next closest price i got) large tempered glass gets expensive
    275 glass shelves
    400 lumber and materials
    200 lights, wire, electrical
    100 miscellaneous trips to home depot

    so about $1600 total finished + a ton of labor. More than i thought it would be but still worth it for me. A large nice sliding door curio cabinet could easily cost $1500 from a furniture store and this will hold 2-3 times as much, so i'm happy with it. With wood shelves, cheap lights and no glass doors it could be built for under $500.
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    Beautifully built cabinet mate well done. Really love the white looks so fresh and I can't wait to see it full of figures. Great job!
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    Absolutely stunning mate, love the white and the trim, honestly thats in the top few display cases ive ever seen built, very very impressive, full credit to your skills and style, cheers

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    Superb, really great job. Very much the clean modern, gallery style display that I like.
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    Gorgeous,congrats on having the know how to create such an awesome piece,definately looking forward to seeing it filled.

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    Nicely done man, seriously looks incredible.

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    That looks great and fits nicely in the rest of the room that can be seen in the reflection.

    I would try to cover the epxosed pinholes for the glassplates. Now the black holes distract from the case (also when the figures are placed inside). Then you would get something like this (quick PS edit):

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