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    Hi. Here's a quite amazing discovery I've made on a recent acquisition, it is the same kind of discovery I've encountered before as the "Meccano 1982 Imperial Troop Transport with snowtroopers in baggies" and the "Trilogo boxed Y-Wing"

    Just as a quick background, MECCANO Star Wars "Guerre des Etoiles" toys kept their SW/GDE packaging during the whole SW-ESB era until late 1982, thus the TIE Fighter only existed in GDE packaging.

    Back in 2005, I made a discovery seeing a Miro-Meccano 1981 sticker onto a KENNER Star Wars LP TIE Fighter, the nameplate of the toy had been covered with a same blue color sticker to "Chasseur TIE Standard".

    This particular never-seen-before TIE Fighter was shown in my Meccano to Trilogo book page 22.

    A few weeks ago, I could acquire a perfect one with mint content including instructions, and that's the best part about its origin.

    As you can see on the second picture below, it has TWO instructions sheet. Meccano would usually leave the original sheet inside and add its own instructions sheet.

    - The first instructions sheet included, the original one, looks like a KENNER SW, but you'll notice the "TIE JAGER" name, which happens to be a GERMAN instructions sheet.

    It makes sense, since Kenner products were distributed in Germany, but it also makes sense since Meccano was also dealing with French - German borders areas, as with their "Krieg der Sterne" Minicinex viewer...

    - The second instructions sheet is a MECCANO version.

    But those who've already seen a Meccano TIE Fighter instructions sheet will instantly notice that this particular one bears a MIRO-MECCANO 1981 logo, instead of the regular "MECCANO" logo.

    This instructions sheet has never been referenced but totally matches the "1982 Imperial Troop Transport" in which Meccano had also reprinted the instructions sheet with updated logo.

    In the end, that makes a KENNER American toy, imported to be sold in Germany, then finally imported and sold in France - that's a quite long way for a toy in the 1980s

    Here a comparison of both MECCANO TIE Fighters to enjoy.

    Be prepared to discover even more amazing stuff in my upcoming book


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    Just when you think you've seen everything, something completely left of field comes along. Thanks for the share Stephane - I still use your current book all the time and can't wait to see the updated one.

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    Wow, incredible find Stephane! It's amazing that you also found it in unused condition as well.
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    That is just too cool Stephane. I really like the sticker on the front updating the name for the French market.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Hi Stephane, great find, there was another for selling at the same time as this 1 aswell. Nice addition

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    Sweet item Stephane.
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    Great information, Stephane. Thanks for sharing these discoveries wih the rest of us, always nice when something previously unknown comes to the surfaces. This here is almost up there with the tri-logo Y-Wing Figter, really love the story behind it and how it was discovered.

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