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Thread: Star Wars Rebels Thread

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    ^ That would be tiiiiight !
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    I think Disney is going to want something set more around the movies to tie things together.
    At this time, I don't think Disney is really ready to branch out yet in other eras

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    KOTOR/TOR-ish eras have the most open potential... there's literally THOUSANDS of years they could play with.

    The era between III and IV is the domain of the shelved live action series... it's an era that's probably way, way too dark for an animated series (whee, Vader hunting down & killing nearly every hero we meet... that sounds like... fun. ) The Dark Times comics are enough for me.

    Between IV and V... well there's that new Star Wars ongoing comic that just started a couple months ago, taking a fresh stab at that era. I'd rather they leave it at that, but with 3 years between the films they COULD pretty easily created a TCW-style series to fill that gap and have it last several seasons. The main drawback for me is there won't be much Jedi action, since Luke's a novice and won't even get much help from Ben's voice in that time, and confrontations with Vader would get tired REALLY fast--more so than Anakin's repeated encounters with Dooku in TCW or Obi-Wan w/ Grievous, IMO. On the up side, hopefully lots of OT starfighter combat, lots of Falcon action, lots of story arcs taking Han AWAY from the Rebellion for a job maybe, or on some adventure with Luke and/or Leia. It'd be a way to have OT goodness, Rebels vs Imperials... but very, very little Jedi stuff.

    Post-ROTJ, though, could be a way for Disney to establish whatever new continuity they want between VI and VII, which is a big blank canvas. Ideally, they'll be able to incorporate a bunch of stuff from existing EU when it's stuff that doesn't directly conflict with VII--adapted, of course, so changes are pretty inevitable. And post-ROTJ, you could still have some Rebel vs Imperial if they start early in the mix, right after the film, with the Empire reeling over the loss of its leader and a big chunk of its fleet. They could tackle something like the Thrawn Trilogy, Luke starting up the Jedi again with other students--that might be the best way to finish up Ahsoka's story: have her (and others) appear in a lead-in series, rather than making it too cheesy or too much of a stretch by appearing in EpVII itself. At the end of ROTJ, she'd be in her late 30s. Luke can help them become Jedi again if they want, and they could help Luke build his new order--and avoid some of the pitfalls of the old, maybe, if the spirits themselves don't/won't help him. Regardless, post-ROTJ would be the best era for Disney if they're focusing everything (but the spin-offs) on the ST. Tons of time to play with, plenty of threats that could come & go, new characters to be introduced and disposed of (or not!) as needed, more Jedi action than a IV/V gap-filler, still plenty of OT-style goodness w/ ships & tech (c'mon, who doesn't wanna see B-wings in actual combat outside of video games?)

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    I'm good with anything really, when it comes down to it. However, post ROTJ doesn't strike me as the best era choice when there are films in the works that are set close to that time. They could be running the risk of taking some of the freshness away from the new trilogy. Yes, it would still be a good tie-in for the new films, but it seems a crime to go there when the KotoR eras are just exploding with all kinds of untapped potential. It's a huge, huge canvass with far less continuity constraints (especially given Lfl's tendency to cherry pic and/or pave over EU anyway).

    But, I'll admit that I'm biased; seeing armies of Sith, instead of just two (or even four), has been a big dream of mine. The OT or 'immediate Post-OT' era just isn't as interesting to me as it used to be for the similar reason of there being too few Jedi and Sith running around. But, as I said I'm ultimately game for wherever they go, especially if there's the chance of seeing more Animated style toys. Give me an Animated style Storm Trooper with articulation akin to the initial CW Clone and I could almost call it a day.

    I would love to see how Lfl would handle the Dawn era...that to me would be reeeeeeeeeally interesting, though I do concede that could be too risky for prime-time tv, given that there wouldn't be much that was recognizable to the mainstream.

    Lastly...regarding KotoR eras....Lfl does already have those spiffy models of Darth Bane and Darth Revan sitting in their asset files, just itching to be given some life, so who knows!
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    Till now we’ve had the gap between ATOC and ROTS filled. How about between ANH and ESB? Ok, not so popular, then how about that huge gap between TPM and ATOC? They don’t need to cover the WHOLE ten years, just an important part of it, like Grievous’ fatal accident or his transformation using Sifo-Dyas’ blood which brings us to something else, Count Dooku’s fall and rise as Darth Tyranous, the order to create the clone army, Dooku duelling and killing Sifo-Dyas. They don’t have to make a show about it, just a feature film. I know there’s a lot of EU material out there otherwise we wouldn’t have been having this conversation. I just want some of that stuff on-screen. (Labyrinth of Evil, now that would make a fine CG animated movie using the same engine as The Clone Wars as we’ve seen these last episodes.)
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    Nope, TPM/AOTC gap is out as a show. They're done with the Prequel-era--and, really, there's NOTHING to show in that time except what you describe: Dooku turning, betraying Sifo-Dyas or whatever, Grievous becoming Grievous, and... that's it. A couple episodes' worth of stuff. Maybe a couple arcs. You're still looking at less than a season of material, and that's JUST for the villains. The heroes... snoozefest. Obi-Wan bossing Anakin around. Anakin resenting him. Yawn. Tween/teen Anakin would be more annoying than AOTC Anakin & TPM Anakin combined, probably. No thanks.

    Admittedly, you COULD do plenty with other Jedi--but there's no cohesive 'thing' to tie it together like the actual war of the Clone Wars. "Road to the Clone Wars"? Lotta boring political jibber-jabber, lot of Jedi going on various scattered missions of diplomacy or stopping local trouble with pirates or whatnot... and the same tired, "we know they're safe" characters. I'd much rather have the less-tired "we know they're safe" characters of ANH/ESB or post-ROTJ, particularly the latter. If we're gonna have the post-ROTJ EU trampled on, I'd rather it happen in a series where they can give nods to it than a series of books rewriting the time from VI to VII. The one great flaw in ANY attempt at redoing post-ROTJ is that, while it might mesh with VII, VIII could come along and screw it all up--animated series, books, comics, whatever. Could be AOTC all over again, messing up what the comics (and action figures) had been doing with TPM characters.

    Of course, if the filmmakers and the post-ROTJ series crew worked TOGETHER--or, rather, COMMUNICATED well, to make sure the series wasn't gonna spoil anything but that the movies likewise wouldn't step on the toes of what the series was creating--then it could be something really special and not have to suffer the retcon barrage that happened in the comics & books after each prequel film was released. "Oh, crap, the clones change armor and have names? Um.... okay, we'll do a story set just before the movie, to get rid of the two primary Separatist agents and introduce the Phase 2 clones and names. Oh, wait, there aren't many plain white clones in the movie? ...crap." TCW was a massive retcon of much of the previous Clone Wars EU--with the benefit of hindsight. They KNEW the clones would get names, they KNEW the clones would get custom armor and change helmets, so they could introduce all of that a lot sooner and more organically than Dark Horse's last-minute "Um HERE YOU GO!" dump where Odd Ball was the first named clone Anakin encountered outside of ARC Trooper Alpha in the entire war, so close to the END of the war.

    So... yeah. IF it's post-ROTJ, I hope they work together, AND manage to include at least some of the good EU into the mix (and don't turn Thrawn into a mixed martial arts fighter or something)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachfair999 View Post
    They don’t need to cover the WHOLE ten years……. They don’t have to make a show about it, just a feature film.
    That’s what I meant earlier. TPM/ATOC gap would be too dull for an entire show. Just a 80-120min feature film (CG) showing us those important events.
    And Toonimator, I agree with you about that teen Anakin thing being more annoying than TPM/ATOC Anakin combined!!! (Also lol'd at your comment about Obi-Wan bossing Anakin around)

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    Pre-Episode I (modern or ancient times), Episode III to Episode IV gap (watching Order 66 sweep the galaxy WOULD be fun), Episode IV to Episode V gap, or Episode VI to Episode VII gap would all be fine with me. My preference would be for a series set thousands of years ago or during the Episode VI to VII gap, though, which I think are probably the two most likely eras the series will be anyway.

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    A series based on the TOR era might help SWTOR increase the number of its players. Unfortunately I don't think we'll have the same type of animation as in the trailers but a style similar to TCW would be ok I guess (especially since the character designs in the game are maybe closer to the TCW style).
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    Of course they wouldn't--COULDN'T--have the same type of animation in a TOR series as in the trailers.

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