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Thread: LA FRENCH TOUCH: History of French merchandising 1977-1986

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    Exclamation LA FRENCH TOUCH: History of French merchandising 1977-1986

    Dear Collectors and Aficionados!
    How much do you think you know about the French vintage Star Wars merchandising?
    Here is a special premiere announcement for the Rebelscum forum community.

    In 2006, I published the book “Meccano to Trilogo” related to vintage action-figure toys released in France and Europe from 1978 to 1986.

    Today, I am proud and pleased to announce a new book, outcome of several years researches, titled “La French Touch: History of Star Wars merchandising & marketing in France 1977-1986.” (unofficial limited book).

    France was among the very first countries that had merchandising available at retail, including some exclusively designed for the domestic market; before following the progressive standardization orchestrated over the whole Europe. Star Wars products quickly found their ways into kids toy chests, school playgrounds, kitchens and bathrooms, on the walls, magazines, and any written, video and musical mediums.

    As a long-time passionate collector, I used an important number of documents and sources, then wrote following a clear and simple plan, marking out the text with anecdotes and visual illustrations to make the best reading experience possible.

    The book gives the author’s point of view considering the 1980s background, and allows to redraw the response the movies got, via a wide selection of documentary references and pictures of items on the French merchandising at large – some still being unreferenced or remained in a “legend” unconfirmed status. Discover or rediscover the French production from this era.

    Its content is a full editorial thesis with more than 1300 color illustrations, presented into an 8x10 inches format with 244 full color pages. It push forward the Star Wars merchandising history with a never before tempted editorial adventure. It reserves surprises even to the seasoned collectors!

    This book addresses all the fans' generations, collectors, nostalgic, and all aficionados around. Also note that the action figure toys section from the previous book has been entirely reviewed and enriched with additional material.

    The French release of the book is ready and I’m still working on a full English version. You can already add the website to your browser’s favorites and check it to get more details about content and availability.


    UPDATE February 24th: the website has been updated with a few sample pages.

    IMPORTANT: as quantities will be limited, do not hesitate to contact me (website, email, or PM) in order to reserve your copy.
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    Awesome, I look forward to it!
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    Great announcement Stephane! Nice to see this bad boy revealed!
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    Excellent news, Stephane! I have been very eager for this book since I saw some of your early pages.

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    Looks amazing Stephane !! Congratulations !!

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    This sounds like a great book to compliment Meccano to Trilogo. Looking forward to more details when they're available.
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    I'll look forward to adding this to my reference library.
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    Awesome Stephane! Can't wait to get this!
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    I loved Meccano to Trilogo, Stephane. I can't wait for this one as well.
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