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Thread: FS: LOTS of vintage MOC for sale

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    FS: vintage C-3PO MOC ESB 41 back for sale

    Nicholas is selling his modern POTF 2 figures and select vehicles here -

    And here's his list of random non-Star-Wars items -

    NO WORK ON SUNDAY!!! : )

    If you are interested in anything for sale, please send your e-mail address via pm, so that we can keep the RS inbox as clear as possible. Please include the names of the figures you're interested in, in the title of the pm. Thank you!

    Hello everyone. I am a long time member of, and I have a feedback of 100 (100% positive, mostly for selling) on e-bay, but I'm not sure of the exact specifications for this site on including links to e-bay. I know auctions are not allowed, but I'm not sure if a link to my feedback is also prohibited or not. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated. member Lemure77 (not sure of his username on this site) pointed me to rebelscum. Here's a link to my .org profile page -

    I'm here on behalf of my dad. He's selling his vintage Star Wars collection. The prices are highly researched and pretty much set. He's told me that he isn't interested in haggling. Paypal only for payment. If you are not comfortable paying as a gift, then please add 4% to cover the PP fees. We want to sidestep E-bay because their cut is just too much with high dollar items like this, and every penny counts in this scenario. Shipping: We will ship only to US addresses. Shipping will be exact. Please send your entire name and address via pm if you would like shipping info. If you only send your zip code then I will NOT be able to get you a shipping estimate. usps doesn't factor in a few variables for estimates, namely insurance, so please have all of your info in the pm.

    Card: SW = Star Wars / ESB = Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ = Return of the Jedi
    Character name followed by variant info if available i.e. big head Han, special give away bursts etc.
    Number of figures on back
    PS = with price sticker
    NPS = No price sticker
    UP = un-punched (will be punched unless it is marked with UP)
    ES = Edge scuffing (description)
    FS = Front of card scuffing (description)
    BS = Back of card scuffing (description)
    V = Veining (description)
    LW = Loose weapon i.e. the tape has deteriorated and the weapon is loose in the bubble. Weapons will be taped securely, or in figures hand if not labeled LW.
    BD = bubble damage (description)
    LY = Light yellowing of bubble
    MY = Medium yellowing
    HY = Heavy Yellowing


    C-3PO / 41 / PS $3.49 / BD - Top cracked / Price = $125.00

    Below are some images of the crack in the bubble. (A is after having pulled the plastic up, so that the right side portion of the crack is visible, (B is what it looks like in its normal state, and (C is its normal state from a front view.

    NO WORK ON SUNDAY!!! : )
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    Hi There. Welcome to Rebelscum

    Posting some pics and posting outside the US would help your sales. Just some friendly advice Good Luck!
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    PM sent
    GW Acrylic Ltd: Display Cases for Collectors
    Stock available Worldwide: UK/EU via USA & R.o.W:

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    WOW so much interest already!! 3 requests for pics in just minutes of these being posted. That's very good news. I've updated the opening post to include the following "The first person to ask about a figure has dibs until they pass on the figure, but if you ask, then you have 2 days after I send pictures (if you request them) before your spot is forfeited. I may extend the dibs time alotment eventually. This is a all being worked out as we speak, so bear with me."

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    PM Sent on Fett
    Looking for Early Bird Coupon and Leia SW Baggie- Thanks!

    My Feedback

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    New edit to Opening Post:

    ATTENTION: PLEASE SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BY PM, THIS CUTS DOWN ON THE AMOUNT OF WORK DRAMATICALLY. Rather than having to upload to PB I can just have my dad send me the pics via e-mail and then forward to you. Thank you!

    another new edit:

    NO MORE DIBS: Dibs is proving to be way too much to keep up with between getting picture requests to my dad, sending them out, making a dibs list. From now on, the first person to pay gets the item. Those who have made requests before 4:55 pm EST will still be in the dibs list, but after those dibs have expired, the items will be first come first serve.
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    PM sent! Payment can be made tonight.
    My Feedback
    Looking for a Vlix loose or carded. Also looking for 12 backs. Please PM

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    If you have requested pictures and not recieved them, please let me know via pm and please include your email address along with the figures you are interested in seeing. The pictures via photobucket cannot me zoomed in, but the ones sent via email can be. These are very high res and zooming makes all the difference with these.

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    i bought on saturday and got my items today cross country

    very happy great seller!! thank you bud !

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