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Thread: FS: LOTS of vintage MOC for sale

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    I received my item from Nicholas also. A quality transaction, wouldn't hesitate fellas...
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    Lots of stuff still available. Along with the two responses in this thread there have been several other satisfied customers, and one shipping damage case (thank God for insurance). It would be great if anyone who has purchased from us to respond to help other buyers see that we are legit. Thanks once again for looking, and have a great day!!!

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    Just bumping this thread again. Thanks to all who have bought from us, and if you have yet to do so, please post here so that others can see that we are legit. Thanks!

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    I received my figures with no issues and they were packed very well. Extremely nice figures!!
    WTB: Star Wars and ESB foreign 12" in original boxes & Foreign Trading Cards/Stickers
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    Hey guys, just bumping this old girl again. Thanks for those who took a chance and bought from us, and a big shout out to those who did so and took the time to respond here, to let others know that we are legit. We really appreciate that.

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    PM sent with my email.....thanks

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    Bump!! Don't forget your email address for my dad to send the pictures to! Thanks again guys!

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    i pm'd you and no response.....shall i do it again

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    Giving this thread a BUMP

    Nicholas, please let me know whether these four Vintage Star Wars EMPIRE STRIKES BACK carded figures are still available from your listing :

    Quote Originally Posted by nicholighkun View Post
    Card: SW = Star Wars / ESB = Empire Strikes Back / ROTJ = Return of the Jedi
    Character name followed by variant info if available i.e. big head Han, special give away bursts etc.

    C-3PO / 41 / PS $3.49 / BD - Top cracked / Price = $285.00
    C-3POESB_zps9df9543a.jpg Photo by nicholigh | Photobucket

    Darth Vader / 41 / PS $3.49 / Price = $225.00

    Rebel Commander / 41 / PS $3.49 / BD - small indent on top left side from factory / Price = $120.00

    Star Destroyer Commander / 41 / PS $2.94 / BD - dent in upper left side corner / Price = $125.00
    I've seen your Photobucket Album, and can only see the ESB carded C-3PO, but not Darth Vader, Star Destroyer Commander and Rebel Commander.

    As I'm still in the process of clearing my PM in this forum, please send me an e-mail directly to : and we will carry on from there.
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