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Thread: 212th Attack Battalion Clone and Battle Droid - Mission Series MS04

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    Strange that Vader's don't sell on your area. Vader's are always a sure seller in in my local stores. He's probably just behind R2-D2 as far as top sellers go. That set is also my favorite of the four in wave one.

    This one that this thread is the subject of is by far the worst!
    Yeah, it is. You'd expect some of them to move off the pegs, but they don't. Our top sellers seem to be Clone related. All the Clone Trooper figures since '08 have been hard to find here, their respective waves have been there, with the Clones the only ones bought up, same goes for the current Black Wave. Like I said, it's clear what's popular, what isn't round here.

    Astromechs seem quite popular here too considering how quick the VC R2, Royal Starship Droids and numerous others moved quickly.
    Maybe Vader will again become popular as we move into Episode VII territory, just for the sake of being related to the time era.
    In my book, experience outranks everything.

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    Just seen this one at TRU. The clone sure has got giant feet! LOL

    (By the way, it's still at TRU!)
    May you live in interesting times.

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