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Thread: Saga Legends - General Toy Discussion Thread

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    One thing I stoked about is that if the 'interrim' films visit other areas of the Star Wars Universe we will get some of those figures originally seen in the cartoons. I'm having a pile of Pyke when they come out for sure.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    My hope is that during the gap between the Solo line and Episode 9, we might see a return to a saga legends type assortment with characters spanning the entire SW universe. While I doubt we'll see anything from CW or Rebels repacked in their animated form, we might see some realistic versions of those characters. I'm happy a Pyke appeared in Solo, because they surely will never give us a CW version. The only big question is whether there will be a line for the animated series, Resistance, because that may dispense with the probability of a legends line.

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    Not earth-shattering news, but I dropped by my local 99 cent store and found Ezra w/speeder and AT-DP w/speeder for $4.99 each.
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