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Thread: Stand-Alone Star Wars Films General Discussion Thread

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    You forgot Wedge and Rogue Squadron up I that list there.^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toonimator View Post
    Problem: Yoda never fought a Sith Lord before the PT. They were thought to be extinct 100+ years before he was born.
    This is according to the EU. For all we know Yoda might have fought a sith lord if that is the direction they want to go

    Based on the Iger interview, there will be 5 movies in a 6 year timeframe, which tells me you can all but expect every aspect of the current EU be contradicted within the first 10 years if they are making movies at that pace. Not to to mention if they come up with a cartoon and possible tv show

    Also, I have been saying all along they weren't going to wait 10 years to start using OT characters on the big screen. I would fully expect a Vader cameo in either a Fett or Solo movie - if either of those are the standalone film

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    Quote Originally Posted by nesguy View Post
    I would be a little surprised if they give a whole lot of details on the spin-offs early on. Episode VII is going to be the big hype-fest, and they're not going to want to detract from it by announcing something fans might get distracted by. Boba Fett and Han Solo films would be cool, though.
    I would think you're right.
    What, me worry?

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    I know many people will say the CW has been done to death but I'd actually like to see a live action movie that covered the clone wars. No Obi wan or Anakin. I guess they could bring Mace back. Obviously Yoda wouldn't be an issue and they could have tons of Jedi that never even talked in the movies. A movie that was told from the pov of the clones mostly would be cool and the Jedi would be heavily involved as well.
    How do we not have an Arc Trooper Fives in the 3 & 3/4 in. line yet?

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    I'm sure we'd agree that we love the mystery revolving around disney/lucasfilms selected candidates for the spin offs. My guess is that we have not yet met the newly crowned spin off characters yet! i would suggest that one will be male and the other female, but that's about all i can put some sort of confidence in. For the record though, i'd love to see Kate (from Lost) take on the lead on the female spin off, simply because she's HOT! (Ok Disney/Lucasfilm... you can offer me my new job now!) Thank you all. Pleasant wish making to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    You forgot Wedge and Rogue Squadron up I that list there.^
    Wedge isn't popular enough to get his own film, at least not in the first batch of spinoffs.
    What, me worry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthDad View Post
    For the record though, i'd love to see Kate (from Lost) take on the lead on the female spin off, simply because she's HOT!
    Evangeline Lilly would actually make a really good female Jedi character, or even a smuggler character, in the sequels or spinoffs or whatnot.
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    What, me worry?

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    New Yoda movie, the start of many SW spin offs? Good or bad??

    Sounds like the SW movie spin-offs are starting... First off a Yoda movie?

    At first thought, I was really excited. Then I started to get a bad feeling in my stomach.
    Not sure how I feel about a ton of "Avenger" like Star Wars spin off movies...
    Should Disney just stick with the new Trilogy or should they flood Hollywood with spin offs of everyone favorite characters?
    Any thoughts?
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    Or she could just stand there. Id be fine with that.

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    if "ANt Man" can have his own movie then the sky's the limit: "the adventures of Ponda Baba" coming soon to a theater near you
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