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Thread: Stand-Alone Star Wars Films General Discussion Thread

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    First off, I think they need to step back and take a breath. RO and now Solo have had to bring in new directors because of "creative differences". Take some time and make the right choice for the movie subject as well as director and forget about the tentative release date.

    Personally, I'd rather the next stand alone focus on somebody besides Fett or Kenobi. Black Squadron, Dr Aphra, Cad Bane, Crimson Corsair, and a Saw Gerrerra movie would all be pretty cool in my eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cartel_Al_Jabr View Post
    No one was good choice. Daley and Crsipin were great Harrison Ford is unique and they should have picked a different character.
    1000% agreed.
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    I was thinking the other day, that maybe an Indy/Raiders style of movie might work. One where the titular character(Keeper of the Whills) is looking for a lost relic of either Sith or Jedi origin. And they have to traverse landscapes, not your typical good versus evil or a Galactic threat like Deathstar/starkiller base etc. Just a good ole fashion adventure story. Perhaps a Journal of the Whills story? The last Guardian, the Last Whill & Testament?
    I think there is still a lot to be told on that subject, either prior to or post R1. If the story take place in ANH era, Hera could come into play again. If the story takes play prior to, perhaps included into a Yoda story. Or possibly told from the Sith perspective? There's a lot of stories that could be told from their POV as well. While I'm not a big fan, I wouldn't mind digging into their lore for a movie. After all, they're just a different side to the same coin?
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    It seems actually simple to make a new SW Film work and work well, but as long as the previous films like TFA AND TLJ made Billions they will still try to follow that formula. Another SW Film Failure might get us to a new starting point.

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    I don't think anything can satisfy this fandom.
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    Of course. As there is always going to be a small percentage who deosn't like something just to complain, then another percentage who will not accept it because it ins't the OT.

    But most of us, we just want a good coherent story.
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