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Thread: Stand-Alone Star Wars Films General Discussion Thread

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    Imagine if Disney made a Christmas(life day) movie. Boba Fett is honestly the only stand alone I currently want. One issue that I don't believe has been brought up is how Yoda speaks. It's awesome in small doses but imagine a two hour movie where the protagonist speaks like he does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    seriously. I hope they don't de-mystify too many cool characters.
    like I said in the other thread, star wars has always been about myth-building. not myth-breaking.

    example yoda: part of Yoda's appeal is the mystery surrounding his past -- we don't even know what race he is.
    going back to reveal every aspect of his origin-story would de-mystify him and shatter any myths that might have built-upon his mystique.

    --> as long as the stand-alone Fett movie can succeed in building upon the character's mystique, without shattering it (through de-mystification of the character), then I'm OK with it.
    I agree, i have major reservations about a Yoda film showing his past and home planet etc, but my feelings are also mixed. How cool would it be to see Yoda's past? Maybe not his home planet/race, but maybe his time as a younger Jedi Master in full Yoda kick-*** mode? There would be a huge potential to screw such a thing up though.

    With Boba Fett too, a lot of his coolness is in his mystery. Seeing what he looks like under the mask in EP.II took some if that away. But it would also be very cool to explore Mandalorians & Fett on the big screen further.

    Depending on the sequel trilogy, a Han Solo spinoff would be a safe bet: a great actor, loved character(s), and no "de-mystifying". But this might take a lot away from the sequels if Harrison Ford is at all involved. I just hope they don't screw this up and make Star Wars more of a joke, more of a milked franchise than it already it. I want great films from these spinoffs, not "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" type mediocrity.

    I think Disney is doing the Marvel thing, with X-Men movies but a Wolverine spinoff, and The Avengers but with all the other stand-alone hero movies. But I don't think that character-specific films have to be the spinoffs. Why not look at different time period? Like Old Republic, or between Ep. III and Ep. IV? That might confuse audiences though.
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    Popular Star Wars characters and my analysis of their prospects for being features in a spinoff film:

    Luke: Hamil is old, plus may be involved in the sequels

    Leia: Ditto

    Han: Ditto, but is such an interesting character with many more possibilities for different stories (smuggler stories) than Luke/Leia. Could team up with Chewie, Lando, and maybe Leia for a ****** old-school adventure. But may detract from sequels.

    Chewie: 2 hours of growls & subtitles won't work.

    R2/C3PO: Limitless adventure possibilities with these 2 (re: the Droids cartoon), but we mostly know their origins, & they aren't the most heroic or action-oreinted characters (they both just kinda slowly hobble around), plus they will certainly be featured in the sequel films.

    Obi-Wan - Was already features greatly in the prequels, time for someone else to shine

    Vader - Would be easy to do (no aging actors to worry about) with limitless story possibilities (ie: focus between Ep. III & 4, or what happened bn Ep. IV & V), plus Vader won't be featured as a main character in the sequels obviously. Also probably the franchise's most popular/coolest character.

    Boba Fett - Clear front-runner. Popular, lots of backstory to explore with him, no aging actors to worry about (Jeremy is easily replace-able, and Temuera Morrison is good actor who could easily play an OT-era Fett). Risk of de-mystifying his legend though.

    Yoda - Another clear front-runner. Same as above.

    Lando - Not quite popular enough, plus Billy Dee is old.

    Palpatine - already saw much screentime in prequels

    Plo Koon/Kit Fisto/Mace Windu etc - Not as popular as OT characters, people are a bit sick of prequels right now. Explore them in cartoon, not feature films

    Darth Maul - interesting candidate, fairly popular but not as much as OT characters. But not a lot known of his character so backstory would be very cool (would also fix some criticism of Ep.I where there was no character development of Maul). Ray Park still could play him with stunt-doubles. Still, I think OT characters would be initial focus for spinoff films.

    VERDICT: Yoda, Boba Fett, Vader, and Han Solo spinoffs are most likely.
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    I won't believe anything that isn't confirmed. I really want a Boba Fett movie, but I don't think it will happen. We will have to deal with a lot of rumors before anything real gets announced about these spinoffs. Same thing with the new trilogy.
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    I would be a little surprised if they give a whole lot of details on the spin-offs early on. Episode VII is going to be the big hype-fest, and they're not going to want to detract from it by announcing something fans might get distracted by. Boba Fett and Han Solo films would be cool, though.

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    If they do a Yoda movie it would be cool to see an explanation of the "cave" on Dagobah. Maybe show him in his youth tracking a Sith to Dagobah and defeating him. Would be funny as he left to hear him say something along the lines of " to this slimy mud hole, return to, I hope not."

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthSharky View Post
    If they do a Yoda movie it would be cool to see an explanation of the "cave" on Dagobah. Maybe show him in his youth tracking a Sith to Dagobah and defeating him. Would be funny as he left to hear him say something along the lines of " to this slimy mud hole, return to, I hope not."
    Problem: Yoda never fought a Sith Lord before the PT. They were thought to be extinct 100+ years before he was born.

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    I thought Yoda tracked a Sith or Dark Jedi to Dagobah and killed him, I believe this was mentioned in the Thrawn Trilogy. Although I've lost track of what EU has been thrown out.

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    Dark Jedi, but definitely not Sith.

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