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Thread: The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread

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    Very very excited about the possibility of a 6 inch range, I would buy them all!

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    If they replaced the 3.75" line for a 6" line, I would be disappointed. They need to finish what they started. If the 6" line was just an additional line for collectors to consider, I couldn't care less. Make a 9.67" or a 10.17" line for all I care. If some great looking figures came out of those lines I might buy a couple of my favorite characters, but I certainly wouldn't collect a line that size in any real sense of the word. It would just be a novelty. Besides, vehicles add a cool dimension to collecting and you can't make many vehicles for that scale. It's hard enough now making properly scaled vehicles for 3.75" figures.

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    Umm, is this confirmed or just a what if? Unleashed was cancelled because it struggled but maybe that case would be different if they were more articulated. Anyway, if their research shows demand then go for it so long as they don't abandon the 4 inch line especially if investing in the 6 inch line helps their budget for more 4 inch figures. If they abandon 4 inch however, I am done collecting forever and will spend my time making customs and hoping that sculptors out there will take it upon themselves to make head casts out there of any characters that Hasbro hasn't gotten to.

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    I'm interested in seeing how they turn out. Can't say I'm against the idea, or that I wouldn't buy any of them. I dabble a little in 6" scale figures...Batman, BSG, Captain America, NECA's Robocop, and a few others but that scale is not a major part of my collecting focus. If they are done well, I can see picking up select figures, mainly the major characters, much like they way I collect Sideshow figures. As nice as they are, I tend to only get the main characters and pass on the secondary ones for many reasons...mainly cost and space. I can see myself collecting a 6" line in much the same manner...if they are done well. As others have already said, Hasbro hasn't had a great track record in this scale as far as Star Wars goes. Even though I don't collect them, if they are on par with Marvel Legends I am definitely interested...
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Ray View Post
    Even though I don't collect them, if they are on par with Marvel Legends I am definitely interested...
    I was looking at some of these just last week and thinking how terrible they were! 6" just makes me think of He Man. Just awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richalot View Post
    Ok going to throw this one out there for everyone to discuss while I gather more intel. Super-articulated, 6-inch scale line with AMAZING likenesses and detail. What do you think? Would you be in or is it an easy pass?
    If the price was right, count me in. At the very least, I'd be up for collecting all the major OT characters.
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    army building would be out the window for sure. there is something appealing to this, but it could go horribly wrong. have to wait and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efranks View Post
    Remember when Hasbro did 6" figures last time? Mega Action? How did that work out for them...3 figures and out.
    Yeah, and the likeness on those 3 mega-action figures sucked, not to mention they didn't feature loads of articulation. To top it off, only 1 character had appeal (Maul), so it's a poor example to use that as a formula for potential disaster if they tried it again. I guarantee if Hasbro made, say, an ultra-articulated Boba Fett & Darth Vader with excellent likeness right out of the gate, all the naysayers would buy 'em.
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  10. #30 this really necessary? How about you focus on making the 3/34 inch line as good as it can possibly be, Hasbro, before you start with the gimmicks?
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