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Thread: The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread

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    6" seems like a hard sell, and very niche market to me. Not many lines in this size have done very well. I still see Star Trek Warp collection figures gathering dust every now and then, and as I recall, the Epic Force line, was an Epic Fail.

    Why Hasbro insists on spreading themselves so thin, across multiple lines, is beyond me.!? And at the same time they are laying off people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richalot View Post
    Ok going to throw this one out there for everyone to discuss while I gather more intel. Super-articulated, 6-inch scale line with AMAZING likenesses and detail. What do you think? Would you be in or is it an easy pass?
    The very idea is as ridiculous as buying Blu-ray Discs of DVDs you already own. I mean, if you have the money to do that, then God bless ya! But your Blu-ray player will play the DVDs just fine, and if you're not a HUGE stickler for high-def, then why waste the money?

    I have boxes and plastic tubs and kitchen cabinets FILLED with 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figures. I'm not changing sizes now.

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    I think it would have been interesting had a 6-inch line been launched at retail this year. With the supply chain backed up with E1 3-3/4-inch figures, I bet a lot of people would have picked up a 6-inch figure out of sheer frustration of not seeing anything new and wanting to buy something Star Wars (that wasn't aimed at kids). It'll be interesting to see what capacity these are released in or if they end up getting released at all.

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    I'd be all over OT stormtroopers and/or sandtroopers in the 6" scale (that's really all I have in any scale), but only with great sculpts and super-articulation. A high quality probe droid would be nice, too. Accuracy and SA are the main selling points for me. For quality pieces (materials, build quality) I'd have no problem paying more, but I'd expect considerably better than what's usually offered at the 3.75" scale.

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    I would buy a 6" Darth Vader if he has a great sculpt, and superior articulation.

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    6" would be the best news in years for me, in rleation to the Star Wars brand. I'm so over the limitations of the 4" scale, and I have sold off most of my 4" stuff - so I'm all set for the reboot.

    Bring it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spassvogel View Post
    Yeah, I would not only pass on these, but I'd do my darndest to actively discourage anyone from purchasing them and/or find some creative way to mock them. That's right, I would waste my free time to sink a 6" line.
    That's... dumb.

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    This is going to sound a little mean but...a part of me almost enjoys how badly hasbro is running this license into the ground. Maybe enjoy is the wrong's more like I find it completely fascinating. I'm
    amazed as to how...they can take a pop culture icon like star wars and f it up so badly, due to glib corporate practices. It's amazing..nearly every choice they make makes me cringe. I still can't get over the flood of Episode 1 3d product. Lol now they want to launch a 6 inch line? The people at hasbro are crazy...I love it..but they are just crazy. Force amp'es....squishy star wars minis...angry birds...killing this is entertaining. **** it up Hasbro...**** it up real good!!

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    I might pick up a few 6" figs, but I have neither the patience or space to start collecting a new scale of Star Wars figures. I could see myself getting the main characters from ANH, and maybe the bounty hunters, but that's it.
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    My funds are limited as is. There is no way I'm jumping in to a 6" line. 3 3/4" figures and Lego is enough.
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