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Thread: The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oofa View Post
    1. Didn't the Hasbro peeps say at NYCC last year that they would stop with the repacks, or something along those lines?
    2. Haven't they learned anything from most of the figures they've previously chosen to repack?
    At SDCC last year Hasbro reps said they were moving to less waves in a year meaning more new figures in a wave and less re-packs/carry-forwards. Not that there wouldn't be anymore re-packs or carry-forwards. Those will always be part of the line but there's a lot less of them now that there's less waves.

    I do think Hasbro have gotten a lot smarter with case assortments in both TVC and Black Series with choosing who to carry-forward and who to include two of in a wave. That being said I agree with you that Rey isn't the best choice to carry forward. The Mandalorian would've been the best choice as I imagine his figure will be the most popular from the first wave.

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    After seeing the facial improvements, Rey will move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gijigsaw View Post
    Am I that mechanically incompetent, or is there an easy way to take the wings off the huge Black Series TIE Fighter? What am I missing? Candid responses are welcome.
    I moved house recently and after trying to squeeze the TIE into an already full boot (after half an hour trying to dismantle it) I must have put pressure on one of the wings at a certain angle as it popped straight off. It went back on easy enough later on, so they can come off I just have no idea how I did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobotscomb View Post
    After seeing the facial improvements, Rey will move.
    My biggest issue with Rey is outfits.

    Aside from the vest/island look, shes had different color, but similar style robes.

    Poe and Finn also barely changed from Ep 7 to Ep 8.

    When you look at the OT, the big 3 all had distinctive looks in each movie, sometimes a few per movie.

    Now maybe it's because the time frame between 7 and 8 is next to none, but you'd think poe and Finn would have new clothes on the ship.

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    Vandor Chewbacca is down to $12.89 at Target, and I'm this close to pouncing at that price.

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    Have the dpcis at target been found yet for the force Friday stuff? My understanding is that they’ll be different than the current ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeWonnaWonga View Post
    Vandor Chewbacca is down to $12.89 at Target, and I'm this close to pouncing at that price.
    I'm debating on either pulling the trigger or waiting to see if Hasbro will use the new tooling on a standard Chewie. I'd like to get the Vandor one but I need that bowcaster!

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    Does anyone know whether the First Order Stormtrooper (from TLJ) that comes out on Force Friday is just a repack of the First Order Stormtrooper from TFA? Like are there any differences in sculpt or design or accessories, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson View Post
    It's after labor day but.... White "First Edition" boxes for wave 1
    What do you think is the story with these? A bit strange to move to first edition boxes over 100 figures into the line (counting numbereds and exclusives). Do the brick and mortar retailers want something, anything, to drive collectors to stores over the etailers? Or do you think DS, EE, BBTS etc. will be getting these too.

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