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Thread: The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by OxnardMontalvo View Post
    Even if it's including cloak, removable vest, Endor poncho and maybe swappable helmeted head, that still doesn't seem to be enough to justify the 'deluxe' tag. He'd need either a Speeder Bike, or Throne room stairs or window to bring him up to that price point. I'm struggling to think of something else that might be included to fit the bill...
    Well... what about:

    A calm and angry head for Jabba's Palace and DSII Duel posing.
    Interchangeable Flesh, Damaged, and Gloved alternate hands.
    Maybe the saluting hand as well for signaling R2-D2.
    Can't forget the binders that he was wearing when presented to Vader.
    Jabba's Palace Vest w/ Belt and Cloak. His Lighsaber and maybe the Jabba's Guard pistol?
    Maybe toss in the Rancor Pit bone and skull as well to really round things out.
    That would pretty much make it for me. Endor Poncho and Helmet would be extra.

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    I'm going to save you guys the suspense and tell you right now that it won't live up to your lofty expectations and Hasbro will once again let you down.

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