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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Rebelscum Member Meet Up

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    Shouldn't we plan something special? maybe try and get us a meeting room at a hotel one evening? try and get some star wars actor-royalty to hang with us there? swap meet? small yard sale? ... the possibilities are endless, and I'm game to try and get it all organised if I'm sure some people would actually show up.

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    Would be great to meet everyone Whatevers planned I'll be in for it ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoloTheJedi View Post
    There will be a Rebelscum Badge like for CV et CVI ?
    I also would like to have one for CII,Chris???
    New displays and presentation ideas..........

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    Same here,count me in if there's something
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    I think not.
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    OK, I've been asking around... and I've found a potential meeting room at a hotel not far from the venue.
    my question is: would people be willing to pay a small fee to participate in the cost? the room costs 135 euro for the day.
    question 2: what day would be the best for a meeting?
    question 3 (most important one)are people still interested in a meeting?

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    Sounds good. I'm easy to go with the majority.

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    Same here i guess we'll just check in here on the weekend and find out what the plan is

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    I'm up for meeting folks.

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    Is there still a "meet-up" in the works, or is everyone just going to the Pub Crawl?
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