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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Transportation

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    I am Flying from Chicago. Will be enjoying Italy the week before, then flying to Dusseldorf on Thursday. I will be staying in Dusseldorf during the convention. any advice on traveling daily to the show? anyone from the area advise against it? I see the info on the train. does it run regularly and/or late? daily round trips; good or bad? any help would be appreciated.

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    There is a very good train network in the area with trains running frequently. You willl have no problems.

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    Just had a response from Messe Essen tourist board. No shuttle service will be put on from Dusseldorf airport to the convention. Looks like its going to be the train or taxi then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cc4rhu View Post
    I think you'll be looking around the EUR30 mark. Like most other places though, ask around the taxis and don't go with the first one.
    I fully agree, you can easily pay up to EUR 50,- for the trip via taxi to Essen.

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    Bumping this with a great update


    OK guys, you've read the hype checked out the website and are really up for Celebration Europe 2
    The trouble is some of you are probably turned off by hotel costs, airport costs, transfer fees, taxis, volcanic ash threats etc.
    Check out the Jez solution;
    I have just got a great deal on my brand new (ok 12 months old) work Camper Van (AKA The Falcon)!!
    Cost of Campervan hire is £255 (Thursday 1100am until 0900am Monday morning)
    Cost of Ferry £88 already booked and paid for, an additional passenger should cost no more than £20 extra.
    Cost for fuel?? See below.
    Benson (where i and the camper van live) to Dover is 260 miles (round trip)
    Calais to Essen is 500 miles (round trip)
    Add 40 miles for incidental journeys.
    Total miles is apx 800.
    If the Camper Van runs at 25 MPG the cost would be; 800/25 = 32 gallons / 1 x gallon = £6.30 32 x 6.30 = £201.60
    If the Camper Van runs at 20 MPG the cost would be 800/20 = 40 gallons / 1 x gallon = £6.30 40 x 6.30 = £252.00
    I don't believe that the camper van is that inefficient, so these costs are worst case.
    There is also the additional bonus that fuel on the continent is cheaper than in the UK, CASHBACK.

    We have also now secured car parking/camping in Camp Site 2, which is right by the venue and is costing us just £65

    So there we have it;
    Camper Van £255
    Fuel £250
    Ferry £88
    Camping £65
    Total cost = £658
    Split between 4 of us its just £164!
    If one of you joins us it would cost just £131 each!
    If two of you join us (its a 6 birth) it will cost just £110 each!!
    Ok 6 would be cosy, but it'd be a right laugh

    Much cheaper than flights, hotels and transfers and a lot more fun!!

    The plan is to catch the 1630 ferry on Thursday to arrive at apx midnight on Thursday, and drive back on Sunday in time to make the last crossing on Sunday night 2130hrs.

    Grant (Maulster79) and Jason (Mr Palitoy) and Frank (Frunkstar) are already up for this, is anyone else?

    This could be an epic adventure? Have you seen Paul? Have you seen Fanboys?
    Who's with us??

    Meet the Falcon


    If anyone wants more info, give me a PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenbenobi View Post
    The Rebelscum guide is recommending a different train route:
    From DŁesseldorf International Airport you could take the Subway S11 (directed to DŁesseldorf Main Station), switch trains at Derendorf into S6 which would bring you to Essen Main Station.

    Is one route better than the other? One train sounds better to me. I'm not sure why they are recommending the two-train route...
    I think there is a difference in cost... I recommend downloading the VRR app for train/metro travel routes seems to cover most of Germany!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoH View Post
    I fully agree, you can easily pay up to EUR 50,- for the trip via taxi to Essen.
    So I can get a price up front rather than metered?

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    Yes, usually most places in Europe (except the UK unless they're dodgy!) will agree a fee and not use a meter. It's not uncommon for taxis to have 7 or 8 seaters and to take several people at once who you don't know too. It's usually cheaper that way. Obviously they'll still drop you off where you want to be though!

    Edit _ I've just thought. Ask the first taxi driver how much it is to Essen. Then go to the ones further down the line. You will be able to haggle. I got to EuroDisney reduced from 60 Euros to 40 Euros February gonejust by working out a sensible price from the first offer. It'll help you if you inform them that you know the train is only 9 euros!
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    Hmm...if the train's only 9 Euros and a taxi is 50...then surely the best thing to do is buy a train ticket and 41 Euros worth of pilsner....No?

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    That sounds like a good plan!

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