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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Art

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    Someone points out in the ACME thread that Chris Trevas has put his print on ebay. Last I checked there were 3 left! Go get em!
    Make that 2!
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    I was on his waiting list. I got his e-mail stating that he had enough extras for everyone. I already ordered my print. The eBay prints he sold might be the remaining supply outside of the wait list.
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    Joe Corroney is emailing now about his print! Looks amazing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrawnLover View Post
    Drew Baker has on a display some images of an as-of-yet unreleased 6 foot "A New Hope" Darth Vader with a defiant Princess Leia painting. It is remarkable and screams classic trilogy.
    I got the print of the painting Drew had hanging at his booth on Sunday after 5 after asking him about it a few times during the show. He was really nice about it and even signed the print for me.
    i also thought it was a shame how all the artists were crammed into that ridiculous little corridor. They could at least have made it a bit broader. Only Busch was able to escape that hell, him and Lin-Zy had Alice booth outside in the hall. I got his Yoda print and the free German Indy poster he gave away as well. Great guy.
    lastly, I was a bit sad for y
    Hugh Fleming, whom not a lot of people seemed interested in. He looked quite lonely, and he told me he would have loved to see the action going on in the halls and on the stages. To top it off, his prints got stuck in customs, so he spent all Friday at Düsseldorf airport to sort things out. ****** situation, German customs (or almost all german bureaucrats for that matter) are sooooo extremely inflexible and unhelpful it's not even funny.

    But I was happy in the end, walked away with three fine prints that will get places of honor I my collection room. Time to get rid of those stupid prequel posters :-D
    Steve Karnoll

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