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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Exclusives

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    Celebration Europe II: Exclusives

    Can't wait to see what kind of awesome exclusives we'll see coming out of Germany. What are you most looking forward to?
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    ... Mayer something with a European BackgroundBackground
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    Over in the Gentle Giant thread, I asked Chris if they would be at Celebration Europe 2, unfortunately they will not. As for an exclusive, Chris told me that Greg said 'No comment'!

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    I can't go but would love to get a set of the 2nd series of Star Tots and some 3XL shirts.
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    More tots coming! This time tri logo style with rotj characters! What a great idea for the 30th anniversary of Jedi!

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    Does anyone know if Hasbro are doing anything? They're doing a SDCC exclusive, just thought that because they're so close time wise they might bring some to CE2?

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    Is Lego planning on doing an exclusive?
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  9. #9 CEII: A Closer Look At Star Tots Panel Giveaways

    Here's the entire Star Tots set, based on the last 15 vintage Kenner action figures. So make your way to Essen then to the Collecting Track panels and collect your free Tots!
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    Getting so late for exclusives to be announced, last year I had several pre-purchases made at this time. Anyone have a clue as to prints/artists and what SSC has in store?

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