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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Exclusives

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    How to get these boxes at the end of the day?
    Looks awesome, I will be there to get the cards and the box.
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    Must, MUST have this. If anyone can help me out on this one, I'll really owe you one. The Empire will compensate you.

    -- Shawn

    Quote Originally Posted by PoloTheJedi View Post "French Collectible Website" will offer for Star Wars Celebration Europe II exclusive set of 6 Bounty Hunter artworks by Kosept and his box. Don't forget to get it during the show in Hall 5 !

    More informations on link in french and in english !!! - Star Wars Celebration Europe II

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    That's so awesome!... Stupid question but can we buy them now or only onsite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedihulk View Post
    That's so awesome!... Stupid question but can we buy them now or only onsite?
    These will all be available at the show only.
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    If anyone wants something from SDCC 2013, I would be willing to pick them up something if they can pick me up the bounty hunters cards set and/or black series Boba Fett. Will pay for cost of item(s) and shipping and handling (would expect the same for the items I pick up at SDCC).

    PM me.
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    What happened to the Hoth Brewing Company T-shirt???
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    I'm volunteering all day Friday, so if someone could grab me one of the alphabet woven throws for my Padawan, before they sell out, I'd be very grateful. Full payment in credits plus biers on Friday night!

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