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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Rebelscum Member Meet Up

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    Celebration Europe II: Rebelscum Member Meet Up

    Wanna get together with your fellow forum members while in Germany? Organize and post it here!
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    I'd definitely like to do this. We should probably decide which day suits best to do the meet-up closer to the date of the event, though in my opinion Saturday 27th (the middle day) might work best, as on the first day I'd probably be trying to get autographs a lot, though there is still a long way to the event of course so I can't be certain.

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    I'll be there if we decide to organize something I agree that Saturday is probably the best day, Friday is auto day, mercha day, and so on LOL

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    There will be a Rebelscum Badge like for CV et CVI ?
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    Hope so - I love my Rebelscum badges for CE and CVI!!

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    I'd be up for a get-together. And I definitely hope there is a badge!
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    Might be fun to meet up for a while on Saturday after the show.......
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    sounds great... i also for a meet-up...
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    I'd also be up for a meeting... - Where Nerds and Geeks unite!

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    Always up for some beers!

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