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Thread: Celebration Europe II: Hotels

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    I'll book my room one of these days. It's only a 90 mile / 130 km. drive for me, but I'll be attending all three days. Paying € 200 for 2 nights is cheaper than driving nearly 600 miles. Still looking at single rooms though, since I don't have any real life friends that like cool stuff. Well, there is the one who also went with me to CE 1, but he's on vacation this July

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenbenobi View Post

    EDIT: I think they refer to the convention center as "fair grounds". I just booked my room. I didn't see it ask for a credit card anywhere, so I hope I didn't screw it up...
    LOL! It took me until today to look up the word Messe to figure out that it means 'fair' or in this case Essen Convention Center. At first I thought Messe was a town or part of Essen.
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    Just booked my room at the ParkHotel in Essen. It's a hotel with 17 rooms and I booked the last one. However, I'm still a bit doubtful whether or not I should cancel this one (which is free of charge) and book a room at the more luxurious Bredeny hotel.

    Just wondering, any scummers staying at the ParkHotel as well?
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    Got a call from last week, saying the Parkhotel was full and they had made a mistake by putting up the one last room as available. A mistake on their part, which can happen. They resolved the issue very professionally though. I'm now staying at the Ruhr Hotel. A bit more expensive, but will compensate the difference

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    I booked direct through Holiday Inn. Booked 4 nights for me and my buddy for 140 each, bargain if you ask me! So staying at the holiday inn, not the express.
    Check Expedia, the still have alot of rooms left.
    Anyone else driving from the UK?
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    Booked Hotel An der Gruga. It was not too expensive, and it's the closest hotel to the Messe, aside from the Atlantic Congress Hotel (which costs twice as much). I booked direct.

    The Gruga has one single room left for the 25th-29th(4 nights) at €400 incl breakfast.
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    well I've booked the Hotel Bredeney Essen close to the convention i.e walking distance so it will save money on trains and taxis to and from the event
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    Hello all,

    I just recently decided I am attending what is sure to be an awesome convention. I don't have any friends that are coming with, and I'd like to split the costs of a hotel room. So if you are in the same boat as me, and would like a much much cheaper hotel room with a mate. Please give me a message.

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    I'm staying at the Hotel Jung, counting down the days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthElvis77 View Post
    I'm staying at the Hotel Jung, counting down the days!
    Same here! I can't wait! This is the first Celebration I'm going to by myself since the first one in Denver. All of my friends are cheap ********! I'm sure I won't have any trouble meeting people to hang around with. I still keep in touch with someone from Celebration 1. He'll be a friend for life... Looking forward to that experience again...
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