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Thread: Celebration Europe II: VIP Tickets

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    Celebration Europe II: VIP Tickets

    There are only 225 VIP tickets being sold for Celebration Europe II. Who's going after them?

    Here's what you'll get:

    • Jedi Master VIP Badge with exclusive artwork (Allows for 3-Day access to the show)
    • Exclusive Jedi Master VIP Star Wars Celebration Europe Lanyard
    • Reserved Seating for all sessions in the Celebration Stage
    • One Daily Reserved Screening in the Digital Stage (VIPs seated before public)
    • VIP Only Q&A with Star Wars: The Clone Wars Director Dave Filoni
    • Separate Entrance to the Convention Center
    • Private VIP Lounge (Including Coat Check, Bag Drop, Refreshments, and Concierge)
    • Celebration Store Pre-Order Program (Reserve show exclusives before the show begins and have them waiting for you in the VIP Lounge)
    • Celebration Store Thursday Preview (Shop the Celebration Store on Thursday a day before the public)
    • Half Hour Early Access to Celebration Exhibition Hall
    • Half Hour Early Access to the Celebration Store
    • Fast Pass to skip the queue for up to six Autograph Hall celebrity signings (Price of autographs not included)
    • One Official Star Wars Celebration Europe poster (Rolled and complete with poster tube)
    • One Official Star Wars Celebration Commemorative Guide
    • Original, Signed Art Print by Dave Filoni
    • Exclusive Jedi Master VIP T-Shirt
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    OK, I might be unpopular with this, but I find the price for the VIP outrageous. I mean, 500 w/o any perk except the queues, seats, the additional time, the lounge and the Q&A? Very expensive for only this, I would expect at least two or three of the lowest price autographs included.
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    You are not alone in your thinking. I almost got one but cancelled after all the rip off booking fees and credit card fees made it end up at 570 Euro. Also they don't seem to be selling well. 3 days after launch you could still get one if you wanted. The US VIP tickets sold almost instantly.

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    I was a Jedi Knight VIP at both CV and CVI (worked out about 240) and enjoyed the perks, but this VIP ticket is not worth it especially with that booking charge on top! The extra is not displayed as the price you see is normally the price you pay!

    Some people just pay VIP prices whatever the price, but I won't, I could have a decent holiday for that price!

    I'm with the general admission Star Wars fans this time round and I probably won't get VIP again in any Celebration!

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    Your not the only ones that Price is ridicolous!

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    was thinking of getting a VIP passes but will the VIP badge owners have anymore perks added closer to the event?
    Neil TB7290

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    Bought mine about 3 nanoseconds after they went on sale and haven't had anything added to date, so not holding my breath....

    The package is pretty sweet - early access on Thursday night, signed print from Dave Filoni, poster, t-shirt, free guide, skip 6 queues - so if they do add anything, it'll be an uber-bonus.

    TBH though, I'd pay 500 Euros to skip the queue every time the wife drags me to IKEA

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    Oh, mate, I know the IKEA feeling LOL
    "Never tell me the odds"

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    Quote Originally Posted by razagul View Post
    Oh, mate, I know the IKEA feeling LOL
    according to the online schedule there are daily VIP meet and greets still to be announced plus got an email
    from Reed to say they should be up soon. The price is very expensive but just the thought that you can see whatever you
    want with no real hassle did it for me!.

    They are going to announce meet and greets for the VIP holders real soon according to an
    email I got from Reed!.I know the price is very high but just the thought that I will be able
    to see everything I want with minimum hassle is well worth the price!.

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    sorry that got sent twice thought i had deleted the first one! lol

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