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Thread: Hot Toys - Iron Man 3

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    "We're gonna take 'em out a whole new door!"
    -The Joker(1989)

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    Gamma arrived today.

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    And, I just received the Mark 9/Pepper Potts 2-pack.

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    Just got Shotgun. Such a nice-looking armor.

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    I’ve long since sold all my Iron Man Hot Toys figures but still remember how great they all looked on display, had hoped I’d posted pictures on here but unfortunately not it seems, just talking. On the up side to my lack of Hot Toys, over the last few months a company called King Arts International who make 1:9 scale diescast Iron Man figures at basically less than half the price of Hot Toys, has been my main focus for collectibles, I currently have 4 shelves devoted to their Iron Man figures & will have a 5th before the month is up..., only irritation is they’ve made all of the house party protocol except for the mark 41 (Bones), no market for it they say, weird as all the complaints I read on Facebook or instagram are asking for it to be made. I’ve still got 3 suits that they have made left to track down & then I’ll be happy, well as happy as I can be when 1 item is missing. lol
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    "Look Sir, Droids"

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