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Thread: Star Wars / Kenner Star Wars design patents on the SWCA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisGeorgoulias View Post
    I wonder if it would have helped for LFL to patent the Stormtrooper, which is oddly missing, when it came time to go after Andrew Ainsworth for making unauthorized armor reproductions then claiming to have been the actual creator of the design. But that's a whole other discussion.
    The exact same thought ran through my mind when I was posting that follow-up question for Isaac and couldn't find a Stormtrooper patent to reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisGeorgoulias View Post
    When you apply for a patent or just investigate if your idea is patentable you already have your design basically done. What you look for from the USPTO (or an international equivalent) is "prior art" which means basically a pre-existing item already patented. Certainly the SW creatures and costumes were originals, but those folks routinely used images from books and films as inspiration. The library at Skywalker Ranch exists for precisely that purpose.

    What LFL and Kenner did was to have a patent lawyer search to see if the idea was original and if so, they would file the patent application and cite references for similar items, hence the 1920's stuff. That helps the patent reviewer at the USPTO categorize things or narrow down their own search for prior art.
    Thanks Chris, that's great info. All I can say is, I hope patent lawyers are well paid... what an incredibly tedious task that sounds!
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    Looking to acquire vintage hardcopy parts.

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    I 've seen the LEGO patents framed up and they are really nice. I like the SW one and might do the same by enlarging them to frame.


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