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Thread: General Rules - All users must read!

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    General Rules - All users must read!

    General Rules

    - Postings must include a Star Wars item.

    - You may not use the forum to promote or advertise auctions.

    - You may include a link to a picture of the item(s) you are looking for.

    - The purpose of this section is to help other collectors find what they need, so please post in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit.

    - Do not start more than one Want To Buy thread at a time. If you have multiple items you are looking for, put them all in the same thread and title your thread to reflect this. Having more than one thread pushes posts off the front page quicker making it unfair to other users.

    - Do not BUMP your thread more than a few times a week. Excessive thread bumping will be considered “post padding” which is against forum rules.

    - Do not erase your thread title once you’ve found your item(s). Simply edit the title with a “(FOUND)” at the end.

    - Do not post non-transactional messages in someone else’s Want To Buy thread. If you are interested in discussing a deal, use the private message function or email.
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    I would suggest people also post the price they are willing to pay for the items they wish to purchase. It's frustrating to pm people, take the time to send a picture, and they say it's too much. If people posted a price it would be up front what they want to pay and would be a faster and easier transaction.
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    I agree but there can always be condition- sensitive issues that could affect the asking price. It that case it could be subjective, naming a price could help but we are a community and sending pictures and messages is an expected part of a deal .

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    Where do we post Want To Trade For? Is this area okay for that? Or is it only for buying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk7 View Post
    Where do we post Want To Trade For? Is this area okay for that? Or is it only for buying?
    Use the Modern Trading thread section three down from this thread.

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