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Thread: New Toltoys NZ moc variation discovered

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    New Toltoys NZ moc variation discovered

    I found this moc on eBay last week and noticed it had an odd bubble design,at first i thought it was a custom.I then noticed the seller was from New Zealand and recognized his user name.He had sold a ESB 12" Toltoys Vader early last year.I also remembered looking at those star wars 21 backs with upside down bubbles/small cards in person that surface a few years back here in Australia.It made sense that this moc and a couple of others from the same seller might be the real deal.I had a good look at the pics and thought id take a chance.

    Boba turned up on Monday and to my surprise he was the real deal.This with the other 2 mocs are the first documented esb 32 backs to surface so far with these odd bubbles,larger card backs,different card stock,of set punch which is also smaller then the regular kenner one.The bubble has also been applied with a different press to the standard kenner one used in hong kong,china,Taiwan,etc.Your notice on the out side of the bubble there is a large impression right around it.This must have been caused by the machinery they used in house at the "toltoys" warehouse in NZ to apply the bubble.

    Looking forward to some positive feed back.If anyone else has turned up an esb 32 back similar to this would love to hear from you.enjoy the pics.

    This pic clearly shows the impression around the bubble which i believe was done when the bubble was applied & sealed to the card.

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