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Thread: Vintage Loose collection

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    Vintage Loose collection

    Finally got a nice vinyl cape jawa to wrap up my collection. All mint/near mint with original weapons. I did grab some repro DT sabers because I think they look cool. The original sabers are on the glass in front of the figures. I have few nice variants as well.

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    Great display! I really want a vinyl jawa but out of my price range.
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    Great collection and great display case!!! Very nice.
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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    Beautiful display!
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    Sweet! Looks great!

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    where did u get your awesome display case?

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    Love that display. If I didn't buy a sliding door curio, six years ago, I would have gone your route. I am near my M/NM uncarded run. I just need to bite my lip and buy Yak and popup R2. I won't spend money on expensive variants unless it's my blue snaggletooth, which was sniped on Ebay for "only" $150. Hopefully I can find the Tusken variant just by chance someday. The most frustrating figures for me so far are Luke X-wing and the Tusken. Those figures paint drive me crazy when trying to find a good example. I also need Amanaman's staff....
    Always looking for more Yodas in great condition no matter the completeness! Also Amanaman's staff!!!!


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