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Thread: New Toltoys NZ moc variation discovered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_O View Post

    Anyone making count of which figures came out of NZ?
    yep from this thread :
    21 backs:
    Sand People
    Luke X-wing
    & Greedo

    32 backs:
    Leia Bespin
    Bespin Guard white

    & I suspect an IG88

    Needless to say I'm really happy to see Bill's pictures which now legitimize these items.

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    Needless to say I'm really happy to see Bill's pictures which now legitimize these items.

    Exactly what I thought.

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    I can confirm R2-D2 and C-3PO on Toltoys ESB48 backs. And they're ESB41 non-removable, non-sensorscope fronts with ESB48 backs. The R2 is in Kellerman's book.
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    from: My Toltoys cardbacks collection, more pics to follow
    & My Toltoys collection - part 2 - updated 7/7/12 - new pics

    Hopefully David can chime in with other additions.

    So Yoda & Luke Bespin can be added to the NZ 48 back list

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    Excellent, a new Vader variation to look out for! And a local guy too
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    I saw this auction and thought the same as you (odd bubble/custom). Also remember the left leg colour being different from the right:

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    Great find Nick. You seem to be on a roll this past few years with turning up some beautiful items. Congrats again.

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    Thanks guys.Wow Bill some great looking mocs.Im glad you managed to hold on to the leia.I guess with Bill's find we have all the evidence we need.
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    I had seen this item on ebay as well and noticed the odd bubble shape . I was going to post it in the Vintage Watch Out Section as I too thought it was a custom . Man am I glad I didn't . I was also interested in pulling the trigger as well as at first I thought it was a strange variation . I really wish knowing what I know now I had pulled the trigger and bid . Great Score .

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    I have seen a few of these before, and I really did think these were fakes. The bubble was just too "out there" for me to rationalize.
    I did notice that on some of BC's pics, it looks like the bubble sides have a slight step in them, can you confirm that ?

    Glorious finds everyone !!! It really does make me happy to see people putting in this kind of work, and producing amazing finds like this !!

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