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Thread: Farmboy Luke one leg shorter than the other, lopsided, short shot

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    Have quite a few that have that one leg up when on a peg stance. I always thought it was due to ageing and warping of the plastic. Now I am not convinced!! My Bossk is the worst

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    our figures need one of these

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    I have a 'short shot' boba fett but its just the coo stamp thats effected as it says HONG K

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    i remember reading & seeing pictures on a website about what some consider a luke jedi variation, where it was a short shot which effected the head, the head looked noticeably different. so its not just the limbs...

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    if only we could find figs who had "short shot" opposite legs and do some "swapping"
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    "I used to own one of those, I don't know what happened to it. My Mom probably threw it away."

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    I just got a short leg Hong Kong farmboy Luke today. He can still stand (albeit crooked), so itís all good.

    Definitely differences in moulds, mould shrinkage factor, and probably chemical shrinkage. Especially if they were moulded in multiple locations with multiple machines.

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    I have a few figures with one shorter leg. Klaatu and Luke-Wing come to mind. It’s quite common.
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    Benjamin Button Figures. There's no cure

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    While not directly on topic, I imagine; this thread reminded me of an issue I'm facing with a couple of my figures; and I'm wondering if any of you have experienced the same. Not short shots; but I have a few loose figures (Death Squad Commander and AT-AT Driver to name the worst ones). When I stand them on a flat surface, like a desk, countertop, etc.; they stand perfectly fine. But when I put them on a display base/star stand; one foot does not touch the base and sticks out a little bit to the side, making the figure look wonky and uneven. What's this syndrome called?
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