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Thread: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker - December 19, 2019

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    Since the "New Era" of Star Wars started, has anyone noticed the repeat use of sound effects from the original movies? I have, have memorized those sound effects and found them used in the sequel movies!

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    Any specifics? Like Chewie growls, TIE/X-Wing/Falcon fly-by? A specific lightsaber swing or ignition?
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    Yes, Tie-Falcon fly bys, screaming of victims_I know about that sound effect, everyone uses it. blasters, lightsabers- of course. but some are small sounds that a person may not even notice sometimes, when you really listen, I do this on the first viewing of the movies, The familiar sounds makes me jump and say, hey thats a repeat!(to myself, that is!) Lightsabers? same sounds, reconstructed. My husband says I'm taking the movies apart when I do this, but I'm looking for original effects,sight and sound. When the movies come on- demand, I then enjoy the movie.

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    In ANH just after Ben tells Luke to trust his feelings, there is a sound effect of Luke attacking the Death Star's surface. That same sound effect is in Rogue One, its fairly early on in the space battle above Scariff when the X-wings are attacking the station. I instantly recognized it when I first saw Rogue One.

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