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Thread: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

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    Frankly, I wish they weren't doing sequels. Return of the Jedi feels like such a definitive END to the story. If anything I'd rather them start hitting up the Old Republic type stories. With armies of Sith and Jedi squaring off. They could have new characters and plenty of awesome set pieces. Alas...I'm still ridiculously excited about this turn of events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RivesJunctionite View Post
    "Original story" not taken from the existing EU does not necessarily mean they won't use characters, scenarios, planets, etc. from the EU.
    Which is by the by, because if the story changes on a Star Wars film then the original non-film EU story is rendered null and void. Which I am looking very much forward to.
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    You mean other than the fact that Lucas himself says he considers the EU null and void? You need more than that?
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    Personally I don't need anything because I have always been a hater! Fun to watch the Vong-ites getting their knickers in a twist though.
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    It was funny seeing so many people here & elsewhere get all excited, shouting "THRAWN!" when Ep7 was announced... it takes but a moment's thought to realize "Oh, the Thrawn Trilogy couldn't possibly work without EXTENSIVE overhauls and/or recasting". Thrawn Trilogy was set 5 years after ROTJ... not 32 years after ROTJ.

    On the radio, the entertainment guy said 'original story & characters'. I'm still hoping it's many decades after Ep6, so it won't be out of the ordinary for Han, Luke, and Leia to me out of the picture (however, we saw Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebellion, ONE TIME in the OT--in the middle of the final film), and it'd also distance itself from the existing EU fairly well. LEGACY would be the main thing in jeopardy, and--much as I love many elements of it--I'd rather see it nixed rather than stomp all over Han, Leia, Luke, and Mara's offspring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthBeek View Post
    Ok... I will attempt a non-negative post.

    If they use the main three in any capacity, you simply have to have the original actors. Recasting those parts would be a huge mistake.
    I really disagree. Not recasting those part would be a huge mistake.

    I hope the new films do even have the main three in it.
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    Recasting had to happen for the PT for some characters. For the sequels, 30 years after the OT, we run into the same kinda problem the EU books are running into, where the timeline's now approaching 40 years after ROTJ: the 4 main humans are getting old. They're in their 50s, 60s, even 70s with Billy Dee and Harrison. Star Wars, Episode VII: The Expendables? I don't think any of us wanna see that. I wouldn't mind if they set it even further in the future and Luke's the only one left (maybe Leia, too, if she ever developed her Jedi powers--but offscreen as a retired politician or something) as an aged Jedi Master, head of a new Jedi Order NOT based on Coruscant, with the 'next generation' (or what's left of it) as full-fledged Jedi and perhaps a THIRD generation, Jaina's kids, Ben's kids, as the up-and-coming Jedi.

    Or, better yet, even FURTHER ahead, and Hamill is, like in LEGACY, a spirit keeping tabs on a descendent protagonist. That would ensure his role's only a glorified cameo like Guinness in ESB and ROTJ so all the 'eww, Hamill looks old' people don't have to suffer too much and would also neatly explain why the other main OT actors aren't in it. Luke, as the last of the old Jedi and first of the new, makes sense at appearing to guide a future Jedi; Leia wouldn't really need to, if she ever learns the trick of becoming a spirit.

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    Yes, Hammil as Luke needs to be in it, at least in 7. I don't care if he isn't in 8 and 9 so much, but he needs to at least be in 7 so we can establish when the story takes place, and give the casual fans a link between the trilogies. Plus, he's one of my all-time favorite characters. Ever.
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    I wouldn't mind if the original characters come back but in a limited capacity. If Hamill and Fischer are in I really want Ford there as well which Disney could afford. I'd like a cast of talented unknowns like another poster said in another forum and I want the Force to be something magical again. Something ancient and mysterious brought in to be a main plot point that has to do with the mythos of Star Wars could be cool as well, something like the cave on Degobah but fleshed out more. References to the PT's strengths are fine too.

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    I always thought that the concept of the remaining Hutts being pissed and out for revenge on the people that killed one of their main generals (Jabba) would make for a great story.

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