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Thread: What are you currently playing?

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    What are you currently playing?

    Thought this might be a good way to open up some discussion here in this section. It gets kind of quiet sometimes.
    ...maybe because everyone's busy playing something.
    Anyway, I'm just trying to catch up on some older titles before the big guns are released.
    I've gotten about halfway through Aliens vs Predartor, then my copy of World at War arrived in the mail yesterday, so I started that.
    I've always wanted to give World at War a try, so I'll try to finish that and then go back to AvP and wrap that up before Halo 4 comes out.

    I also play the odd game of NCAA 13 (like it better than Madden) and my son and I still play Halo Reach together.

    So what does everyone else currently have loaded up these days?

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    Trying to plow through Resident Evil 6 at the moment. I've beaten Chris and Leon's campaign (Leon being my favorite so far) and starting Jake's. Really good game IMO allot of critics are being butt hurt. Gonna go online and try Mercenaries and Agent Hunt.
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    Playing some Dead or Alive 5 right now.
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    The Old Republic

    Darksiders 2 (which is awesome)

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    I was able to get my wife into Borderlands 2 so we have been doing the cp campaign after the kids go down the last few nights.

    The new Skylanders game comes out tomorrow so I am sure I'll be playing some of that wi the kids for a while starting tomorrow.
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    Currently playing Dishonored. It's not a bad game but I don't exactly stay up way too late playing it. I've got the Lego LOTR game on preorder, but that's mostly for the Elrond minifig. Earlier today, my son and I were discussing the lack of good looking games coming out soon. Must have something to do with the end of this console generation.
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    Trying to finish up some older games. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Red Dead Redemption, and Dead Space 2. Downloaded Costume Quest the other day and that's an awesome little game, perfect for October. Still play Modern Warfare 3 quite a bit too.

    Getting Assassin's Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 when they come out, so that backlog might get delayed even further.
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    I'm playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 currently. I'm just finishing it up actually. And am going to move on to either Prototype 2 or wait for WWE 13. Then I'll be doing some online gaming with my friends with WWE 13. I'm looking forward to online play again after deciding to abandon the COD series. And I guess I'll be playing Assassins Creed III. They usually put the AC series on sale on Black Friday. That's how I bought the last 2 games is on black friday, so I will never buy them the day they come out.
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    A little BF3. Not a fan of it that much. I may have to go back to BF2 Project Reality. Also Eve Online. I just DL'd X-COM UFO Defense off Steam. I still play the old game time to time. One of the best games ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit View Post
    Trying to finish up some older games..........Red Dead Redemption.

    I LOVED Red Dead Redemption.
    Took me a while to get into it, because I don't really care for Westerns, and I thought it kind of had an odd name. But once I got started, I couldn't put that game down. Easily one of my top three all time favorites.

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