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Thread: What are you currently playing?

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    Not playing at the moment but i bought two games from the Gamestop store at a minimall that was close by Menards and Walmart.

    Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 and 2 for Playstation 3. Theyre complete with their game cases and they were pretty cheap too at 4 bucks for Force Unleashed 1 and Force Unleashed II was 8 bucks

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    Still playing World of Warcraft on daily basis but I am NOT one of those hardcore guys. I consider myself a casual player and I play it for fun, 99% on single player modus. I only enter groups when its needed to continue for story or for some minor archivments.

    And I finaly started Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I picked it up when released, but I completly forgot about it.

    Might also get me the remake of Resident Evil 2 soon

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    Is there anyone here still playing Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy?... I have been playing those for a combined ten years. Met a lot of amazing people.
    Besides that, I have TFU 1 and 2 on Xbox one and loved them
    I have Republic commando on Xbox one
    I have Star Wars battlefront 2004, battlefront 2005, battlefront 2015 and Battlefront 2 2017
    I also have Star Wars: KOTOR free version on Apknite.
    I love star wars games

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    Just got wife the new greedfall game when it came out. Looks interesting from a non gamer point of view.

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    Borderlands 3. Pretty great game. Grinding through the campaign.
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    I just started playing Assassin's Creed 1 for my Playstation 3 earlier today. First time playing the game. Im still in the beginning but i like it so far i guess

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    Co - op Gears 5 with the wife when sheís not playing FFXIV and trying to get through Hellblade: Senuaís Sacrifice. I donít like the game but at this point Iím just in it for the 1000 gamerscore.
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    Anybody play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?
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    Hello! I did not find a suitable thread to ask. Maybe there are fans here who know the answers.
    I'm a little addicted to playing free slots. And a couple of months ago in this tab I saw free Star Wars slots. Their list is constantly updated and maybe they are not on the site already. Can someone help me with the search?
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