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Thread: FS: Exclusive Busts, Promo Statue & Maquettes!

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    Items still available. Up to the top ...
    Sith Apprentice

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    Sorry, guys. Health issues have kept me away from a while but I'm back now. Thank you
    Sith Apprentice

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    Some items are pending.
    Sith Apprentice

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPlagueis_TW View Post
    New PM sent.
    Some maquettes Pending sale with DarthPlagueis_TW and marked as so.

    - Han Solo/Boba Fett maquette
    - Ahsoka Tano maquette
    - Count Dooku maquette

    Al the rest is still available!
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    -Payment received and maquettes mailed today to DarthPlagueis_TW
    -Pm sent with UPS tracking information


    - Han Solo/Boba Fett maquette ( SOLD )
    - Ahsoka Tano maquette ( SOLD )
    - Count Dooku maquette ( SOLD )

    * All other original Clone Wars maquettes and busts in like new condition still available. No tricks. If I say they are like new , they ARE!
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    Up the post goes!
    Sith Apprentice

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    hi i sent you a pm as i would like to buy a few.thanks.
    " i`m a jedi,like my father before me ! "

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    hi it says your inbox is full i would like to know what deal can you do for the bunny padme,obi wan,mace windu general grievous? a price for those shipped to the uk and are they all boxed with papers.
    " i`m a jedi,like my father before me ! "

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