View Poll Results: Which scaled helmet should Gentle Giant make next?

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  • Tie Fighter Pilot

    28 17.83%
  • AT-AT Driver

    39 24.84%
  • Scout Trooper

    20 12.74%
  • Leia's Boushh Disguise

    12 7.64%
  • Royal Guard

    15 9.55%
  • Imperial Gunner

    5 3.18%
  • Clone Trooper (Phase I)

    13 8.28%
  • Y-Wing Pilot

    8 5.10%
  • Airborne Trooper

    14 8.92%
  • Lando's Skiff Guard

    3 1.91%
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Thread: Gentle Giant .45 Scale Helmet Poll

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    Hasn't anyone started making 3d versions yet?
    I've messaged wondergarage and had no response from him about his custom lid's which is a shame as I'd love a scout inn my collection
    I've all Mr lid's (bar the shock trooper) and also gg's jango fett, the last on the list is the riddel darth vader and unless you guy's can list another brand or line I've missed I've them all

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    I've just received this from gg
    Hello Stuart,
    Thank you for reaching out to us on this one. We will be doing TFA product. We'll announce a few pieces by the end of this month. Let me know if you have any other questions


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    What about the OT stuff? and PT helmets, CW helmets? GG just woke up from a coma?

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    They've been comatose for quite a while. I'll believe it when I see it. I hate to sound so pessimistic, but after years of waiting, and a mixture of broken promises and silence, you develop quite a bit of skepticism.

    Taking under account their recent official confirmation of any future non exclusive mini bust going up in price as high as $130.00, and as a reference point ...

    - What "economically-friendly" price could they possibly have in store for a mini helmet?
    - What movies would they choose to make the mini helmets from?

    Nothing against them producing TFA mini helmets, if that ever happens. It's a new film, and product based on its characters is expected to be made available. But if in fact they get to offer anything for this line...

    - Is it all going to be TFA helmets to cash on the hype, and thus forgetting about any previous films?

    - Wouldn't it be fair, and of utmost consideration to collectors, if as part of an initial wave that would include TFA helmets we could also see, at least one of the helmets folks have been asking to have made for years? Helmets such as the At-At Driver, TIE Fighter Pilot and Scout Trooper.

    It is quite familiar their commonly unhinged decision making, therefore:

    - Will polls such as the one at the top of this thread, reflecting what many collectors wish to see produced, be something they'll ignore and move on to whatever they consider to be their best choice, or will they honor some of those collectors wishes ?

    Let's hope the 'announcement' at the end of the month brings something of true substance to this line, and to any of their other Star Wars product for that matter, something that most collectors could feel happy about ... for a change!
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    GG should simply give up on this license and let someone who might be really interested in making something out of the scaled helmets...

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    I'd really love to see TFA respark this line and finally get some OT/PT helmets made...but I don't see it happening.
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