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Thread: POTF2 Prototypes

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    POTF2 Prototypes

    Anyone out there collect POTF2 era prototypes? I know the Vintage protos are thriving well and have been for the past couple of years. Wondering who out there is interested in POTF2 prototypes?


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    Me! And many others at
    Wanted: Pre Production Plush Items!

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    The POTF2 area should be a more appropriate place for this thread.

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    Me too! Got any surly bartender protos you are looking to get rid of? I'm your man!
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    I collect POTF2 prototypes as well.

    Here is an old thread with some good information:
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    I still collect. I Need the Leia Flashback MOC variant still. anyone? :^)

    But these days I may only consider a POTF2 piece if it is a HC.
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    I bought some stuff from you Don, about three or so years ago. I let go at work and was unemployed, well life comes before collections. I had to let some stuff go that I otherwise would not have. Fast forward to now...I have a secure job, and I am slowly starting into the POTF2 prototype world again. I am a member at Behind the toys, "Murphwalker". I really loved the line. I collected Vintage, but I was in College at the time the POTF2 line came out and had a blast chasing down the pieces. Here is what I have right now. I am hoping to slowly add pieces. I would really like to focus around the "Luke Stormtrooper" character.

    Mynock Hunt Test shots

    Kenner Standard Mynock pack

    Luke Strormtrooper Test shot (no date stamps/markings) and Hard copy head

    It's a start.

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    Hey Mike just reminded me to shoot you a pic of the paintsample helmets i've got.
    If anyone is looking for anything in particular LMK as i'm kinda burned out on SW at the moment so I've been letting go of some of my pieces.

    MIGHT have a blaster to go along with your luke too. Got a bunch of weapons in a lot that included firstshots and hardcopies that originated from an ex kenner employee
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    Good to see you at CVI. If the letting go concerns Jawa items, you know where to find me. Let me know.
    Jason West
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