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Thread: Kotobukiya Q&A thread for gai_KOTO_jin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    Instead of an air can try this: Rocket-air - you won't need to buy another after a few uses. I'd recommend collectibles to stay out of direct sunlight, heat sources, or very humid environments. Dust is also not very good for collectibles, but this more for items that have cloth like Premium Format statues from Sideshow
    That looks like a really good idea Serg, I will definitely look into one of these

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    What are the chances of any of us collectors being able to get our hands on one of the golden ArtFX+ R2-D2's that were sent out as gifts to certain retail & media types as gifts this month??? i.e. Are there going to be any we could buy on the website perhaps???
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    Is there a chance for the future 1:7 statues to have an edition number shown on the box or on the base of the statues?

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    Do we know what the new ship dates will be for the DLX Silicon Trays?
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    Hello all- I see from some of the other threads that a few of you had some nice Christmas additions to your collections! Now that I'm back from new Years break, let's see what I can do about a couple of your questions:

    Our Star Wars 1/7th scale statues are currently non-limited editions, so there won't be any edition size or numbering on the boxes or bases. I suppose if we were to do a convention exclusive version it might happen, but even then we don't always do numbered editions for con exclusives.

    The DX trays should be hitting retail outlets now, if they haven't already. I know they started shipping out from the factory in December. Incidentally, there will be a slight delay on the light-up lightsaber chopsticks, which we'd hoped to have shipped out last month.

    As to the Gold colored R2-D2, it was designed and produced as a special gift item to be given out at Kotobukiya's 60th Anniversary party in Tachikawa, Japan in October of 2012. Also included in the box with R2 was a small coin commemorating Kotobukiya's 60th Anniversary. It was included in a gift bag to attendees of the event, which was limited to Kotobukiya's business partners, license holders, employees, etc. A small number of the gold R2s were also sent out to some of the people we work with that were unable to attend. I believe only 500 were produced. It was never intended or authorized for retail sale, so it will not be available via our website.

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    why isn't the artfx+ rotj darth vader in the u.s. yet?, it seems overdue.

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    The Chopsticks are cool,I have a few sets here and i especially love the Darth Maul ones that join together with magnets..

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    The ARTFX+ ROTJ Vader (technically subtitled "Return of Anakin Skywalker", not ROTJ to try to avoid confusion with the ARTFX ROTJ Vader) shipped from the factory last month. You should be seeing it very, very soon.

    Glad you like the chopsticks, Rerun. Unfortunately, as I mentioned a couple posts above, we hit a delay with the light-up versions we were hoping to have out last month, but they will be released sometime this year (hopefully early this year).

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    Just got the LARGE Han in Carbonite tray and the Jaina tonight. Both look great. Planning on using the Han for baking and not ice. Thinking of a cake with jam filling or a huge chocolate bar with cherry/gooey filling.
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    Gai, after much research I found out the Kotobukiya war machine was cancelled, is there any chance this would make it to retail as I just got an iron man and it would go perfectly.

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