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Thread: Celebration VI was AWESOME

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    Celebration VI was AWESOME

    Back at work after flying home from CVI... and I had just an amazing time down there. It was chaos, stuff went wrong, I was under a ton of stress, but in the end it was hanging out with my collector friends that made it a joy despite the bumps. I picked up a couple really nice pieces I'll post here after I unpack and take a couple photos. One of them's a Holy Grail I didn't think I'd ever track down.
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    I have to agree! I didn't spend too much time in line for panels or interviews, as I only attended a few. I managed to gather sets of the DC falcon club patches, the fansite Death Star patches and the collecting clubs Clone Wars poster patches.

    Finally got Mark Hamill's autograph, and make him laugh when I said I finally got to meet "Luke Effing Skywalker"! Got Kyle Newman to sign my Ben Quadrinaros figure, and Kenner Baker's signature too.

    Met up with a friend of mine from Indianna and just had a great time in general. Yes, there was chaos, and it did get somewhat stressful at times, but being in a place where everyone is there for the same reason somehow made it easier. I finally got to meet some people face to face that I had been talking with online. Overall, it was a blast. I am VERY happy that C7 won't be next year though!

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    Sounds like a great time! Maybe I missed it, but was next years date and location set yet?

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    C6 was a wonderful time! The Star Tots were fun to collect (despite the super long lines to get into the panel's). I was surprised by how friendly everyone was and by all the super detailed fan made costumes. My highlight was finally getting to meet Ian McDiarmid in person!
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    Wow is all I can say. I had such a wonderful time. It was great fun to see a lot of my fellow scummers again since CV. And for those who I didn't get to meet you probably saw me trotting around as Indy.

    Thanks to Broc for the prototype from the room sales and to all those who handed out pins (Rob A., Mattias R., Broc W., Derek H., Don, Andy L, Alyssa, Brian, and Sean). I picked up some great additions from Todd C. like a blaster from the LFL archives auction and a couple of crew shirts from Raiders of the Lost Ark and ILM. I wasn't too crazy about the prices on MOC out on the floor, but there was no real need to blow all my money at Celebration. All the more reason to come back here and frequently check in the Classifieds. I hope you all had a safe trip home and now it's time for me to hunker down and welcome Isaac to New Orleans. Keep N.O. in your prayers and thoughts.

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    That. Was. Awesome.

    This was my first Celebration and I don't think I could have had a better time. Nothing could beat meeting everyone face to face; I had so much fun hanging out and talking with you guys and gals. It was a great opportunity to make new friends and solidify some of the ones that only existed online or over the phone. That alone made the trip worthwhile.

    But everything else on top of it -- Wow!

    Meeting Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker, as well as crew-members like Lorne Peterson. Finding cast and crew items at the room sales that, only a couple hours earlier, Gus and I had talked about as being so freakin' hard to find. Picking up some amazing prototypes (and learning valuable lessons from the couple I missed). Talking to not one, not two, but THREE former Kenner employees. The awesome collector and behind-the-scenes panels. The parties. The bars. The dinners... I could go on and on! If I were to list every favorite moment, I'd pretty much be listing every single moment!

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a fantastic time. Can't wait until the next one!
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    All in all it was a great experience. It was the first time I attended a Convention abroad. To meet so many forum members in person was probably the best thing. Apart from that I was astonished by all that merchandise stuff that was available: common items next to super rare stuff. Crazy.
    Me and my wife had a smooth stay in Orlando.

    The distribution of exclusives, like the Tots, is a good thing, BUT all these collectors "raided" the panel room just to get these Tots. I highly doubt all of them were interested in the different panels. Because of this I was unable to attend a couple of collector panels I was interested content-wise. Further I think it must not be the first and foremost thing to stand in a line during the celebration just to receive such goodies.
    Just my two cents. I don't want to offend anyone. You did a good job, but it might be worth to think of how to deconflict this for the next Celebration.

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    For me this was an awesome experience

    Only regret was that I missed the room sales yet again, but atleast I got to check out the Chive Party and talk with fellow vintage collectors

    Had a blast hunting down & trading Star Tots & highlight of the weekend was my daughter saying "Daddy I didn't realize how fun collecting Star Wars is."

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    I had a blast as always. Here are a few pics of me at the show.It was great meeting so many friends who are on here in person. Im thinking of CII as I have never been out of the USA.

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    Amazing pics Jeff. Great meeting you and seerdrakon at the room sales!

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