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Thread: Celebration Europe II - July 26-28, 2013

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    Celebration Europe II - July 26-28, 2013

    During the Closing Ceremonies at Star Wars Celebration VI this past weekend, it was announced that Star Wars Celebration Europe II will take place in Messe Essen, Germany from July 26th - 28th, 2013. The official site has already been updated with a link to sign up for email notifications alerting you when tickets go on sale. The countdown begins!
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    I'll never be able to go. I hope some nice things catch my eye that I might be able to pick up. Best of luck to anyone who can go!
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    Gonna put aside $200 a week, as I'm hoping to turn this into a two week long road trip across Germany and the bordering nations. So excited.
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    Yeah,unless I won the lottery this will be a pipe dream for me.Well I have been to C2,C5 and now C6.Not to mention I got out on Sunday before the waether got really bad.

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    Ya, this is great for all the Europe collectors. We've been wanting to go to Europe in the near future, but that's quite a task to combine something like this with an outside trip with other objectives.

    I'm hopeful for others in the States that might be able to go over to this. I'll probably be waiting to see if another pops up in 2014 over here in the US.

    On a final note, so peeved that there won't be an ROTJ 30th Anniversary here in the states, a real bummer
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    Should be a great Celebration, indeed. Good times ahead.

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    That would be pretty awesome to go to Germany.
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    I plan on going to this!

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    Already checked airfare and hotel looks like from orlando it will be about 12-1400 per for a full week in Germany.

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    Have fun with that.

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