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Thread: AOTC Republic Clone Dropship Mini-Rig

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    It is coming again in blue isn't it? I didn't like it as much because it didn't fit with the Gunship colour scheme.

    Good idea on the trade thing but I don't want the new speeder bike!
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    Yeah, I don't know why they incessantly repaint Republic vehicles blue (except for the fighter tank, which may've been meant to be 501st). The red matches the other vehicles - gunships, AT-TEs, ect. - so much better.
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    I lie the gunship colors the best for Republic vehicles. I think they want to do blue to give us something different, but I hope we see red again next fall. I could see them doing that with a striped clone or maybe the new clone pilot.
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    CIS stuff is blue, having Republic blue as well is daft.
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    I actually prefer the blue. For credibilty's sake, I'd also prefer to look at this thing as more of an airspeeder or rescue craft than a drop ship. Maybe something that goes and picks up pilots that have gone EV in combat makes more sense, but whatever. For me personally, the blue livery has more diversity than other colours, because it can be used with republic clones or imperial stormtroopers, at least more than the other colours. But you guys don't want to hear how I only play with toys that are blue.

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    I've never cared for these "class I" concoctions that Hasbro has been pumping out, but I really want this one. It has a certain feel to it, like the mini-rigs of the old Kenner line mixed with the Colonial Marines' Hardware in Aliens. It's just too cool.

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    Has anyone confirmed if there is anything unique about the figures in this 501st Legion Attack Dropship pack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simdog View Post
    Has anyone confirmed if there is anything unique about the figures in this 501st Legion Attack Dropship pack?
    Interestingly enough it appears to be just a regular AOTC Pilot, Realistic mold from a few years ago to boot.
    I'm curious why they didn't paint him blue, and add some unique paint apps?
    Oh and I see these went up in price just because they added an extra figure, did we really need that?
    Personally I liked it for $16 better.
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    Just bought this today at the Newington TRU. It was the only one stocked. Box says "501st Legion Attack Dropship With Clone Pilot and Battle Droid." As we all know, of course, the pilot is generic and bears no markings of the 501st ... which is wrong and I don't care for it one bit.

    So why, then, did I buy this? Well, there's the TRU BOGO deal (I also bought another minirig), and second ... I think the last time I bought this Clone Pilot, it was part of the 2002 "Saga" collection, but I don't think it was "clean." Either the helmet or the armor had black dots all over it. I don't know. Whatever the case, I certainly didn't buy this for another maroon Battle Droid. Plus, given the recent cancellation of the 2013 TLC, I guess I needed some new product to "tide me over."

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